4X4 With CLNS Media: NBA Draft Questions Answered

CLNS Media Celtics content team writers Nick Cherico and Cory Prescott discussed tonight's NBA Draft.


If you had the No. 1 pick in tonight’s draft, who would you select?

Nick Cherico: The consensus number one pick should be DeAndre Ayton. I think he’s the most complete player in this draft, and Phoenix desperately needs another potential top-tier talent to pair with Devin Booker. It’s really a no brainer.

Cory Prescott: Luca Doncic. DeAndre Ayton reminds me of a Georgetown-era Patrick Ewing, but with the NBA’s shift to a more perimeter-oriented game and questions surrounding Ayton’s defensive motor, I like Doncic in this spot.

Player who’s the surest bet and the player with the biggest bust potential?

Cherico: Again, I’m going to go with Ayton as the surest bet for the same reasons I mentioned before. As for biggest bust potential, I’m going to go with Trae Young. He has a chance to be special, if he’s put in the right situation. If he winds up in Orlando for instance, I could see him easily being a bust. Much like Sacramento, something about that franchise just scares me. There’s a reason they’re always in the lottery.

Prescott: Wendell Carter reminds me of Al Horford and may have been the best player on last year’s Duke team (Marvin Bagley included). Trae Young has huge bust potential, yet Michael Porter Jr. has serious injury concerns that may limit his NBA career altogether. His health raises red flags all over the board.

No. 27 + Terry Rozier to Denver for pick No. 14. Would you do this?

Cherico: I don’t like anyone enough at the end of the lottery to give up Rozier, so I’m going to say no. If they were to move into the top five then absolutely, but not for 14. I think Rozier is too valuable for that kind of move.

Prescott: If you get a sense that Marcus Smart may have a huge offer on the table from another team that he likes, then I would do everything that I can to keep Terry Rozier. You can’t lose both Rozier and Smart. Otherwise, this would be an interesting spot to move up and get value for Rozier (a strong candidate to get paid starter-like money in free agency).

If the Celtics stay at No. 27, who do you want them to take?

Cherico: I’ve been battling back and forth between Grayson Allen and Jalen Brunson at 27, but I’m going to go with Brunson here. I think it’s inevitable that the Celtics lose either Marcus Smart or Terry Rozier eventually. There just isn’t enough money to go around. If you bring in Brunson, he’ll be able to learn under one or both of those guys for a year before being able to take over that back-up point guard role.

Prescott: Omari Spellman would be a great fit.

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