5 Games Any Competitor Needs in Their House


Playing games together, whether as a family or with friends, is a great way to bond over a little competition.

Not everyone loves playing games, but there are a few fun ones that get everyone excited to play.

With warm weather just around the corner, outdoor games are becoming more important to have. Rainy days will still happen though, so make sure to have fun games to play inside!

Playing the same few board games just won’t cut it when you need a more full-body gaming experience.

Table games and outdoor activities are the surest way to get fully immersed in a game. They are more fun for the whole family, too!

If you are competitive and need some new games to play, these five gaming necessities should satisfy your needs.



Bean Bag tosses have always been around, but this classic game has gotten more advanced with custom-designed cornhole boards.

Cornhole is a great outdoor team game that requires tossing a beanbag toward a wooden board. The goal is to get the bag in the hole at the top of the board, but getting it on the board offers some points too!

Practice your throwing technique before getting into a game of cornhole. Many players take it extremely seriously!

While playing for fun is a great way to get outside and spend some time together, you can also create your own tournament for a larger party.

Put everyone on a team of two and create a bracket to see who the ultimate cornhole champion is!

A little bit of competitive fun can be had with the right teammate and a set of cornhole boards.



While not everyone has a full-length football field in their backyard, anyone can pretend to play on a team sport with their own foosball table.

Spin the spindles on either side of the table to help your mini players play. They have to kick the ball across the table and into the goal at the end to score a point.

Foosball is versatile because you can play one on one or make it a team experience! Loosen up and have some fun pretending to be a soccer star.

Even if you don’t think you have space for a foosball table, you can definitely get creative. Turn the garage into a gaming den, put it in the basement, or turn an unused living room into gaming central.

If you live in an apartment, no worries! There are miniature tabletop versions of foosball so you can still play against a friend.

Another option is to get a full-sized foosball table and use a flat piece of wood to make it double as a dining table when you aren’t playing. You can have your own Friends moment!

Foosball can make anyone more competitive. It takes a bit of skill and practice, so make sure you brush up before inviting anyone over for a game.



It seems as though new lawn games are always popping up to keep people busy on beautiful outdoor days.

A game that deserves more popularity is called Kubb. Teams of two take turns throwing wooden batons at the opposing team’s row of wooden blocks. The first to knock all of them down gets the chance to knock over the king block in the center!

Kubb originated in the Viking Age and survived in Sweden, so it is actually pretty old. The game can now be purchased almost anywhere!

You can take Kubb with you to the beach or simply play it in the yard for hours of outdoor fun. Make sure your teammate has good aim and a strong throwing arm because it can go on for some time.

Watch out for the king block in the center! While you want to knock it down at the end of the game, you forfeit the game if you accidentally knock it over during gameplay.

If you are competitive, you don’t want to help the other team win. Aim carefully and practice to make sure you play your best.


Ping Pong Table

A classic ping pong table is a must-have for any competitive game player. While they do take up space, the fun they bring is worth it.

According to Cool Things Chicago, not all ping pong tables are made equal. When you are looking to purchase one, pay attention to its size, its thickness, and how the net is set up.

You also want to make sure it is easily portable just in case you have to move it around. Many fold up for easy storage to make more space in a room.

Get your hands on some nice paddles and enough ping pong balls to help you spend hours of fun with an opponent.

You can even fold many tables up in half to play against yourself! Work on your aim and your speed before playing against a friend.

Ping pong might be tough, but once you get good at it there is no going back. Have tournaments with friends and family to enjoy the competitive game of ping pong.


Can Jam

Outdoor games make any beautiful day more fun! Can Jam is a great way to take a frisbee toss to a whole new level?

This is another team game that requires you to toss a frisbee toward an open can. There is also a slit in the front of the can that, if you get the frisbee in there, you get more points!

Take turns tossing the frisbee to see who has the best aim and can score the most points. Four players can play at a time to have the ultimate competition.

While you can buy multiple versions of Can Jam at the store, you can also make your own version of it. Unused trash cans make perfect Can Jam bins if you just cut a hole in the front.

Get creative with how you play the game to make it more exciting and get your competitive fix!


Even the people who don’t love playing games should try their hand at these awesome options that every competitor needs.