5 teams the Boston Red Sox could trade Deven Marrero to

If Brock Holt makes the Boston Red Sox roster, that likely means the end of Deven Marrero.


The Boston Red Sox have a problem, but it’s a good problem to have. They have too many capable infielders.

Deven Marrero is in a battle for the final roster spot with Brock Holt and Tzu-Wei Lin, and he seems to be the odd man out. He’s out of minor league options, and now his time in Boston may be coming to an end. Brock Holt has had a solid spring, and Lin can surely be sent back to Triple-A to begin the year.

Marrero’s bat hasn’t come alive during his major league career, and there are no real signs of progress this spring either as he’s hitting under .200.

The Red Sox may look to trade Marrero before opening day, and though they wouldn’t get much in return it’s better than nothing. These 5 teams, in both the AL and NL, make the most sense for a deal to get done.

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies seem like a team that could make a run in 2018. While their overall lineup seems strong, the middle infield may be their weakest link. The starters are great with Trevor Story and D.J. LeMahieu, but the depth just isn’t there. Colorado’s best bench infielder is Pat Valaikia, and an injury may have him on the disabled list to start the season. Marrero would be able to slide in and provide solid defense late in games or to give the starters a day off here and there. This one makes sense if the Rockies truly believe they can make a run this year.

Miami Marlins

Derek Jeter has the Marlins in full-blown rebuild mode. Marrero may even be able to start for this team. Miguel Rojas is Miami’s starting shortstop, and while that is okay for now, Marrero may be even better. Even if he doesn’t start, he would be very much an asset on the bench where the Marlins have essentially no one. As it stands, a player with no MLB experience is their depth infielder.

Oakland A’s

Marrero seems like a good fit for the A’s as he could slot in immediately as their backup shortstop. Chad Pinder is filling that role currently, but he’s not a natural shortstop. Marrero would be a defensive upgrade in a big way.

San Francisco Giants

The Giants were not a good team in 2017, but their offseason moves suggest that they believe they can contend in 2018. Teams that make deep postseason runs have to have depth, and Marrero could be an upgrade for this team. Right now, Kelby Tomlinson and Pablo Sandoval are the bench infielders for the Giants, and we all know how terrible Sandoval can be. Defensively, Marrero could be a player to help San Francisco get over the hurdle.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are dealing with a lot of injuries this spring. Really, it’s so unclear how that team will look now to begin the season, so adding a ton of depth could be very interesting to them. Jean Segura and Robinson Cano will obviously start in the middle infield for the Mariners, but they don’t have a great player behind them. Marrero would be the first option for them to give scheduled days off or for defense later on in games.

It seems like the Mariners, Marlins, or Giants make the most sense for Marrero. Seattle and San Francisco think that they can contend, and he’d provide great defensive depth. The Marlins are rebuilding and Marrero could be a perfect holdover for that period.

Even if a trade is not made, the Red Sox will likely be without Marrero. He’s out of options, and his bat has not come alive in spring enough to warrant a roster spot. Boston may have to cut Marrero, and he’d surely be picked up on the waiver wire. He has been solid depth during his time in Boston, but with the bat lacking, it’s time to move on.