5 Things to Consider if You Want a Modified Jeep Wrangler


A sturdy jeep increases your confidence and makes you stand out among the crowd. Who does not love to have a four-wheeler solid Jeep Wrangler? The images and all the posters itself are absolutely appealing and a great aspect of buying this beauty. Deep inside every man desires to drive something extraordinary, something macho, some sort of a vehicle that indicates their sturdiness and left a strong impression on pedestrians, even if you are just using to hit the local mart.

When you buy a Wrangle, you enter into a family because when you have a Jeep Wrangler unknown people driving beside or spot on you at a parking lot with the same Wrangler as them gives you both a sense of belonging to the same family. But let’s be honest you must feel a little thrilled and proud when you notice your Jeep have more mods than the other Wranglers while checking their jeep out and notice a sense of enviousness in their eyes.

However, the new modified version of the 2018 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon four-door has some accessories and equipment from the Fiat Chrysler Automobile and Moper Parts. Moper — challenging off-road equipment, that also deals with some heavy-duty fits and features and climbing gears higher than Wranglers provides it with a nice up-fit. There is a whole long list of parts and features that could be chanted and talked about, however, we can talk about some of the visual ones. 

It consists of about 7-inches spotlights on top of the board at the center controls, also a bumper-integrated Warn Rubicon winch, on roof is the luggage rack with a folding table straddling onto the tailgate, which also contains bigger pivots to accommodate large jeep tires and a custom made “1941” sticker adoring both the sides of the Jeep Wrangler. The best part is a 2-inch lift including Rubicon’s 1-inch a little higher but giving you perfect view to check the traffic, a 17-inch large Jeep gear wheels and 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires.

There are only subtle changes to the Morpitized version of Wrangler Rubicon, but you see it gives you even better results on-road as well as in appearance. Driving it will be like a dream add on people admiring on. However, before you rush down and start spending your money to replicate this modification, you must know a few things about what it’s like to have a Jeep modified for more off-road experience.

  • Climbing up the Wrangler

First thing first, the Rubicon is 1-inch higher than the Wrangler Sport and Sahara and the modified Jeep Wrangler is obviously 2-inch higher than that. It does not have a low step bar to climb on but you see that will not be able to fulfill the purpose of a high lifted Jeep TJ Wrangler giving you a better view of the paths and traffic. It will be a struggle but will be totally worth it.

  • Instable gears

If it seems that, your Jeep Wrangler appears to have instability on-road or function of steering wheels seems questionable, it gets only worse if you toss on larger off-road tires, it is highly unpopular opinion because you will not be able to get grip on your lousy steering wheel, especially when driving through dented roads at speed. 

  • No more bumpy rides

The biggest challenge of all time while driving is passing through the potholes and bumpy roads, even when you are driving a steady speed. The Jeep TJ modification seems to be marvellously handling these broken pavements giving you a smooth driving experience without the need for constant dodging giving you a smooth driving experience.

  • Fuel economy only gets worse

The fuel economy level of the TJ goes from bad to worse because with all those extra exterior accoutrements including, the heavy bumper lifter, roof rack, Led headlights and high height ride. A usual Wrangler consumes up to 20 mpg usual roads and highway combine, with a V_6 and automatic transmission or if you are considering a four-cylinder turbo engine. However, Jeep TJ only consumes about 15mpg a moderate amount of fuel acquired while driving on a highway.

  • Pricey but totally worth it

You can obviously get these parts and accessories at much lower prices from varies other Wrangler accessory supplier stores but it wants to be stand on to the quality and reliability. However, the overall cost for the modification is up to $9,550 excluding the price of sticker that is around $53,430 for a 4-door Rubicon and having a Wrangler of worth $63,000, but purchasing it from the Mopar your dealer would allow you to buy your desired purchase at loan or lease with zero percent interest, how affable is that!