6 Things to Consider When Buying New Clubs


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game, or you’ve been playing for years and are thinking you’re ready for the PGA tour, at some point you’re going to be looking at a set of new golf clubs. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep mindful of when purchasing your new set.


  • There is no one size fits all set


At the end of the day, you are the one and only person golfing on the green. Sure, if you’re nice, you might lend your club set to a friend or family member, but that is still your set. Nothing’s built the same and everyone has their own swing motion. The golf experts at https://theleftrough.com/ will agree that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of set. As a golfer, you have to find the clubs you’re comfortable and confident with.


  • Appearance and size


Sometimes, you might feel that the shiny new golf club set you’ve had your eye on might be what’s missing in your game to take you to the next level. As much as appearance might only be aesthetic, there is a psychology of confidence and the old adage of, “if you look good, you feel good” strikes true. The fact is that golf is an individual sport, as competitive as you might be to beat your friends and compare scores, at the end of the day, it’s just you on that green. Because golf is such a mental game, and you want to be as focused on things like your swing, having golf clubs you don’t have to second guess will keep you from being distracted. If you look down, and feel confident in the club you swing, your performance will benefit from it.


  • Shaft


There are a couple things to consider when looking at the shaft of the club. There are different materials you can look into for the build of the shaft, whether it’s something like iron or graphite. The different designs and builds of the shaft will determine things like the flex, or how you swing and make contact with the ball. Heavier shafts may result in lower ball height of contact, while a lighter shaft would increase the speed of the club head, translating to a farther drive. Different bend and kick points will result in a variety of different outcomes. Some golfers will be okay with a basic shaft, while others may have to adjust or build a custom fit.


  • Grip


The grip may not seem as important as the other parts of the club, many may not think it has very much to do with the performance at first glance, but what must be remembered is that the grip is the only point of contact the golfer has with their club. With the grip being the extension of the golfer and the only point of contact, you must assure that you feel comfortable with it at all points during your swing as even the slightest discomfort can be a factor that comes into play in the long run, and lower your performance on the gold course. 


Each grip may differ in terms of textures and size, with different materials being offered for every preference. The grip size will vary with each player’s hand size and preference. You’ll also want to factor in what types of performance benefits some grips may offer, such as ones that are better suited for more humid conditions, or dryer conditions.


  • Consistency and performance


With all parts of the club considered, you’re going to want to judge each club purchase you make as a whole. As enticing as it is to go out and purchase the club advertised to give you the longest range on your swing, you might want to refocus on finding the club that will give you the most consistency and accuracy, even at the sacrifice of your driving range. Sure, your top range may take a hit, but you want to limit the chances of missed hits, and factor in inconsistencies in your own performance.  


  • Price


Depending on your skill set, perhaps you are trying to get into the sport, or have been playing for some time, the price of the clubs is going to come into play. If you are fresh on the green, you might want to think about starting off with just a half set. It won’t set you back quite as much as a full set, and you can focus on the clubs that are on hand, and be able to focus on learning how to play without making as many adjustments.


Remember that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with these clubs, and it may take a couple rounds to really know the right set for you. Make sure to give the clubs a test drive, because you’re going to be investing a lot of time in addition to money for the right set. Keep these tips in mind the next time you think it’s time for that upgrade.