7 Signs That You Might Be A Psychic Empath


Psychic empaths intensely feel the emotions of other beings, even more than their own. This can cause a bombardment of emotions that can overstimulate an individual possessing this gift. When this happens, a psychic empath may manifest anxiety or even erratic behaviors.



There are different types of psychic empaths, including physical,  emotional, and intuitive empath to name a few. Psychics4today.com recently published a new guide about these types and they also discussed details about a dream, plant, animal, or earth empath. If you feel extreme empathy towards others and you are curious to know whether you are already a psychic empath, below are some of the signs that may confirm your suspicion.

You are Overwhelmed by Closeness and Intimacy

One of the signs that you may have psychic empath abilities is when you find it difficult to manage close contact. In this case, spending too much time with another being may cause you stress and this can prove to be challenging in romantic relationships. Thus, make sure to set healthy boundaries and learn how to preserve yourself.

You Drown in the Crowd

Another indication that you may have psychic empath abilities is when you tend to drown out in the crowd. This is because you easily absorb all the energies in the crowd, both positive and negative. You may find it hard to handle the emotional noise from the crowd, especially for an extended period of time. As a result, you may even feel physically unwell.

You Tend to Self-Isolate

Since you find it quite challenging to be too close to another being, much more expose yourself to a crowd or even a small group, you just tend to self-isolate. You find comfort in completely shutting out the world because this is where you find peace and healing. When your favorite activities include taking your time alone outdoors or meditating in a quiet park, then you are most likely a psychic empath.

You are Comforted by Nature

More often than not, people really find comfort, peace, and serenity in nature. However, psychic empaths are more drawn not only to nature itself but nature in remote areas where they can enjoy the solitude of their being. Thereby, if you find yourself completely at peace when you are hiking alone rather than with anyone or sitting by the shore watching waves crash gently, alone, then take this as a sign that you may be a psychic empath.

You Have Extra Keen Senses

Psychic empaths have a heightened sensation wherein they are greatly disturbed by certain fragrances or odors, as well as loud sounds or strong touches. Because of this, they tend to read instead of listening to the media or when they do, they use lower volumes to hear information. There are also certain sounds that may trigger an emotional response to them. They also opt not to use any perfume or avoid people with a strong smell, fragrant or otherwise.

Your Gut Feelings are Strong

When you often have a good intuition or a strong gut feeling about anything that may not feel right, and most of the time you find that you are correct, then you may be a certified psychic empath. This is because you tend to pick up subtle cues about the behavior of others that can provide you with an insight into what is on their mind. Thus, you tend to trust your intuition, particularly when you are making decisions.

You Find it Difficult Not to Care

Finally, because you intensely feel what others feel, you find it quite hard to turn a blind eye and not to care. There are instances wherein you even take the extra effort to help ease their distress, even if this means that you are consumed up. Just keep in mind that while it is not bad to care for others, make sure to care for yourself as well.


To wrap things up, if you just feel overwhelmed by being close to another individual or you feel like drowning when you are in a crowded place and you instead tend to self-isolate, then you may be a psychic empath. In addition to this, when you find comfort in nature, have extra keen senses, or possess strong gut feelings that are often right, then you may tag yourself as one too. Finally, if you generally find it hard not to care at all, then just be open to the fact that you have the abilities of one and hone your capabilities to help those in need.