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Call it weed, Mary Jane, herb, ganja, pot, just don’t call it marijuana!  The plant is cannabis!!! Over 70% of Americans recently polled want it legalized. 41 states have a medicinal program, and 9 have outright legalized it for adult use recreationally.

On this special landing page on the CLNS Media network, we’ve identified some of the biggest and respected names in cannabis media. Since the West Coast adapted and accepted cannabis first, many of the companies we’ve picked are based in Washington state, California or Colorado. Leafly, Green-Flower, Weedmaps, MJ Headline news, Sensi Magazine, and The Weed Tube are some of them. In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is the podcast that is distributed by CLNS Media and available on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeart Radio. That In The Weeds with Jimmy Young is the podcast is supported locally by the medical dispensary Revolutionary clinics located in Cambridge and Somerville Massachusetts so subscribe, share, like and pass it along to friends.  Soon we will be producing our own original content. soon! In the meantime the links are live!



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