Amin Elhassan: Kevin Durant is Not Happy in Golden State

Jeff Goodman & Amin Elhassan discuss whether KD is a goner and if the Warriors vulnerable on the Good N' Plenty Podcast on CLNS Media.


Warriors forward Kevin Durant insists his dustup with Draymond Green is in the past will not impact his impending free agent decision this offseason.

Not everyone is sure that’s true.

Appearing with Jeff Goodman on the Good N’ Plenty podcast on CLNS Media Amin Elhassan of ESPN’s “The Jump” says Durant already had one foot out the door, but this seals it.

“I was leaning towards his being gone [before incident with Draymond Green] and then this happened. If he was on the fence, this is one of those things you can look back on and say that’s when it became clear he wasn’t going to comeback.

Durant’s free agency was at issue during the altercation with Green. Green told Durant that he’s holding the team hostage with his decision, and making the season all about him.

Durant caught a lot of heat when he chose to sign with the Warriors two seasons ago with many feeling he took the easy way out, going to an already great team. And what do you know, 2 titles and 2 Finals MVPs later Durant feels underappreciated.

“He’s [Durant] not happy,” Elhassan told Goodman. “He’s not happy because it’s the idea that he’s not getting the credit that he deserves. A lot of it is his fault because he keeps talking about it. He can’t stop mentioning it, on Twitter and DMs, he’s always keeping the conversation alive. Because people who were truly happy with their decision wouldn’t give a shit what other people are saying.”

Durant is notoriously thin skinned and the outside noise clearly bothers him. The feeling is if he leaves after the season it’s to go somewhere and win on his own. But as a great a player as KD is, Elhassan isn’t sure he has what it takes to lead.

“If I were starting a franchise I would want someone who can set culture. I want someone who can lead. I don’t know if Durant’s that guy, man. Like when you see how sensitive he is and what he reacts to and he gets yelled at by his teammates and he’s sulking. I trust Steph [Curry] to be a lead way more and make other guys follow in your footsteps.”

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