Antonio Brown To The Patriots Was a Real Possibility

The Steelers were willing to trade Antonio Brown to the Patriots but opted to send AB to the Raiders instead.


When the Steelers put wide receiver Antonio Brown on the trade block there was one team it was believed Pittsburgh would NEVER trade Brown to.

The New England Patriots.

Turns out that was not the case.

On his own personal podcast Brown shared audio of a conversation he had with his agent Drew Rosenhaus in which he details how the trade to Oakland went down. He mentions that the Patriots were a real possibility.



Here’s a portion of that conversation.

Rosenhaus: “If it’s not the Raiders, then we’ll make it work with the Eagles, or the Patriots, or the Titans.

Brown: “Are the Patriots ready, too?”

Rosenhaus: “The Patriots are in the mix. I put [Bill] Belichick in touch with (Steelers GM) Kevin Colbert today.”

Brown: “How is a decision going to come down? Is it going to come down to what club is willing to give up the most?”

Rosenhaus: “From the Steelers’ standpoint, that’s what they want. They want the most compensation. I really want you to have a good quarterback … and a winning environment. New England and Philadelphia, these are two of the last Super Bowl champs.”

Rosenhaus: “The Steelers have been big communicators with me. We’ve talked a couple times everyday about the teams. They know (playing in a winning environment is) important to us, and that’s why they opened it up for the Patriots as well. That’s a good development for us. They’re now willing to trade you to New England. So, now it’s a process of New England stepping up. That’s not great business for the Steelers to trade you to the world champs in the same conference.”

Rosenhaus: “And I think the Steelers are taking it very seriously and trying to get it done. And that’s why they’re willing to consider even New England. Think about that, think about playing with the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and he’s a cool guy.”

Whether talks ever progressed we may never know. But the Patriots were in play and one can only wonder what the team could have accomplished by bringing Brown into the fold.

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