It Appears No One Wants Kyrie Irving to Play for Them

A report in the NY Post suggests several teams have backed off Irving after what happened in Boston last season.


Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets seemed like a done deal. But on Wednesday ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Brooklyn only wanted Irving if Kevin Durant came with him.

Tjhe New York Post doubling down on that as well. Here’s what NBA reporter Brian Lewis had to say…

“The Post has confirmed Brooklyn might have qualms about signing the enigmatic Irving if he isn’t bringing the injured Durant with him.”

Lewis also hinted that the Nets aren’t the only team having cold feet when it comes to Kyrie.

“Other teams had already backed off of pursuing Irving with similar concerns over the way things went awry in Boston.”

Wojnarowski also cited concerns in his report with how things transpired last season in Boston as a reason the Nets may be hesitant to bring in Irving as a “solo act.”

For Brooklyn Irving alone would be a replacement not an addition as it would mean the team would renounce their rights to restricted free agent D’Angelo Russell. The Nets could always just keep Russell who is a younger and cheaper.

Irving likes to consider himself a deep thinker so I believe the word he’s probably looking for right now is ‘Karma.’