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Abdul Dremali

Full Bio : Abdul Dremali is the host of the Unrelatable podcast on CLNS Media. Abdul currently works at a local software company as the Head of Innovation, leading the charge in research & development in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies that will shape the future of hardware/software. Twitter: @advil

Game of Thrones is Dead, Unrelata-Bowl

Sorry for the delay lol. The guys finally say goodbye to Thrones and tally up the final scores of the GOT Death Pool. Then...

Game of Thrones Death Pool Update

The gang returns with the rare Saturday session. Astrophotography szn is #back so Abdul updates us on his upcoming trip to Utah, the guys run...

Abdul & Collin Review Avengers Endgame & GOT - Unrelatable Podcast

The guys talk Avengers: Endgame and give an update on the GOT Death Pool scores. They also get into depth on what the statute of...

Coachella recap, Collin’s employed, and everyone’s about to die (in Game of Thrones)

The guys are back (again). Peaches survived Coachella (so did his phone), Collin got a brand new gig, and Abdul's back from a quick...


The guys say farewell to the best dart-throw travel series ever made. Next, they get ready to say goodbye to the best TV series ever...

Pissed or Pumped v.3

Thrones Talk, LA Changed (again), Collin is officially a hot-shot big-time music video director, and Abdul got his dream camera. The guys also bring back...

25: Collin gets mad online and Abdul is a Super Bowl Champion

Collin showed up an hour late to record this episode because he got into a fight on the internet. Abdul went to the Super...

Kids See Ghosts and Abdul Goes to the Super Bowl

Somehow Abdul finessed his way to watch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots play in Super Bowl 53. We hear that story, plus...

23: Mailbag Round 2

The first go at this was a colossal failure so here we are answering your questions AGAIN. Let's go. Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/unrelatablepod

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