Author: Abdul Dremali

Abdul Dremali

Full Bio : Abdul Dremali is the host of the Unrelatable podcast on CLNS Media. Abdul currently works at a local software company as the Head of Innovation, leading the charge in research & development in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies that will shape the future of hardware/software. Twitter: @advil

Kids See Ghosts and Abdul Goes to the Super Bowl

Somehow Abdul finessed his way to watch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots play in Super Bowl 53. We hear that story, plus...

23: Mailbag Round 2

The first go at this was a colossal failure so here we are answering your questions AGAIN. Let's go. Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/unrelatablepod

21: 2019 Predictions

Abdul whines about getting his packages stolen from his front porch, Collin makes up some fake bread and Peaches introduces us to a segment...

20: That happened in 2018????

Collin and Abdul talk about 2018 and all that went down. From the volcano eruptions in Hawaii (we're a very anti-volcano podcast) to all...

Episode 19: Daylight Savings is stupid & Twitter Poll Rundown

In honor of Election Day, we set up a bunch of twitter polls and are discussing the results. We also talk about how Anna got...

We’re baaaaaack – Halloween, Red Sox Win and Red Dead Redemption is out!

Abdul and Collin catch up, talk about the BOSTON RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES, Red Dead Redemption and HALLOWEEEEEN. Thanks to our first ever...

16: Brett Kavanaugh is an Awful Human (allegedly)

A bit of a heavy episode, just a warning before you listen! The boys talk about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and some of the toxic...

Timeline Rundown

After a week long hiatus, the boys are back with a twitter timeline rundown. They talk about: Milk Abdul and Anna found out a photo of them...

14: Whiny Children Boycott Nike and the NFL is BACK BABY

Abdul and Collin talk about the Nike Colin Kaepernick ad, the reactions to it and why it's absurd from top to bottom. They discuss the...

12: Abdul gets his DNA test results and Last Minute Trips is BACK

Collin is back from Collinsville and gives us a full behind-the-scenes report on Last Minute Trips Season 2, Episode 1. Abdul gets his DNA test...

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