Author: Brunch Podcast w/ DJ Bean & Pete Blackburn

Brunch Podcast w/ DJ Bean & Pete Blackburn

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Nostalgic beer cans. Meme accounts. What would the world be like if pop trio fun. stayed together? A major announcement from A Teacher and...

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL (3:33): It’s true

Is James Blunt British? Are we stupid? Will we ever get to hear the husband's band in A Teacher?

SANTA, BLOODY SANTA: Christmas Chronicles 2, Fatman, The Undoing, A Teacher

With reviews for Christmas Chronicles 2, Fatman, The Undoing and A Teacher, the bad boys have TOO MUCH WORK THIS EPISODE!!!

DUDES WHO WANNA ROCK: Let’s talk about some miniseries (Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing, A...

Stonks are HIGH on miniseries right now. We discuss the Queen's Gambit and why Pete refuses to watch it, The Undoing and how much...

BLOOD OATH: Fleets and Friendsgiving

Twitter has introduced a new feature and it's led to the first blood oath in BRUNCH history. We also reviewed the 2020 film "Friendsgiving"...

REPLACING BIG BIRD: We need to see ‘Freaky’

Disgusted by how quickly everyone wants to replace Alex Trebek, the Bad Boys replace everyone. 

CHRIS & THE BOY: Brunch covers the people covering the 2020 election

You guys been watching CNN? What a cast of characters over there!!

BIG BRAIN BOYS: Vote, plz!

Tim Heidecker's new special is an abrasive masterpiece. 

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