Author: Anna Horford

Anna Horford

Full Bio : Anna Horford is the host of Horford Happy Hour on the CLNS Media Network and is the sister of NBA superstar Al Horford.

Booty Backlash: Dissecting the Competitiveness Between Women (Podcast)

In this mini episode of Horford Happy Hour, I respond to the backlash from my first ever Tik Tok video. I also attempt to...

Dating Don’ts & Definite Disasters (Podcast)

Have you ever gone on a date with a murderer? Have you ever lied about yourself online? Are dating apps even legitimate? Wine: 19...

Feel The Bern (Podcast)

So rarely do we have an opportunity to elect someone who is truly "for the people." Bernie Sanders cannot be bought. His political history...

Like a F*cking Lady (Podcast)

Dismantling the patriarchy? Check. Celebrating women's empowerment? Check. Downing a bottle of cabernet? Check. Wine: Campo Viejo Carbernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah Model: Olivia Gorman

Anna Horford: A Willingness to Learn & Grow

One of the most significant things I've learned as I've gotten older is the importance of ones' willingness to learn and grow. We become...

Surviving the Holidays – Season 2 Finale (Podcast)

This time of year can be amazing, beautiful, and fun, but for some it can be lonely, difficult, and disappointing. This week, we're discussing...

“Cancel Culture” w/ Anna & Maria Horford (Podcast)

This week, we sit down and discuss the ever-growing controversy surrounding "cancel culture." Should our past blunders forever impact our futures? Wine: Myles &...

Surviving Long-Distance Friendships & Relationships

Maintaining friendships & relationships is hard enough as it is, so how do you manage them when there's distance involved? Wine: Once Upon A Vine...

Empowered Women Empower Women (Podcast)

This week, I sit down with two empowering women to discuss women's rights, our country's current political climate, the importance of advocating for all...

Guns Won’t Make US Great Again (Podcast)

People are senselessly dying every day in this country and it's terrifying. How many more people have to get shot before our leaders, lawmakers,...

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