Author: Anna Horford

Anna Horford

Full Bio : Anna Horford is the host of Horford Happy Hour on the CLNS Media Network and is the sister of NBA superstar Al Horford.

Anna Horford: A Willingness to Learn & Grow

One of the most significant things I've learned as I've gotten older is the importance of ones' willingness to learn and grow. We become...

#45 - Review of 2018

2018 has proven itself to be a controversial & illuminating year. In this final episode of season 1, we discuss movements, music, movies, &...

Relationship Questions & Advice

You guys submitted your anonymous relationship questions, and I answered! Grab a glass of wine and tune in for some very honest advice. Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine:...

Family & Thanksgiving w/ Anna & Maria Horford (Podcast)

Yearly traditions, funny stories, black Friday, & topics to avoid - this week, we're talking family & Thanksgiving!  Wine: Sterling Vinters Collections - Red Photo: PhotographyByMiah

Are You an Introvert or Extrovert? (Podcast)

The terms "introvert" & "extrovert" get thrown around a lot. I wanted to take a closer look at their meanings and find out why...

The Importance of Physical Touch (Podcast)

Spooning, cuddling, hugging, & sex - this week, we're talking the importance of physical touch & the science behind how it can affect us. Photo:...

Monogamy, Open Relationships, & Cheating (Podcast)

Do you wholeheartedly believe in monogamy? Have you ever thought about exploring an open relationship? This week, I discuss the positives and negatives of...

Truth or Drink w/ Anna & Maria Horford (Podcast)

This week, my sister & I are playing Truth or Drink! Tune in to hear us discuss the most embarrassing things we've done while...

Kavanaugh, Taylor Swift, & Kanye West (Podcast)

We're angry and fed up with the Kavanaugh's & Kanye's of the world. Tune in to hear us discuss Indigenous Peoples' Day, voting, the...

Fighting Depression & Anxiety | From Sad B*tch to Bad B*tch (Podcast)

Self care, self love, openness, and working through our problems; this week, we're talking the importance of mental health awareness and how to go...

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