Author: Anna Horford

Anna Horford

Full Bio : Anna Horford is the host of Horford Happy Hour on the CLNS Media Network and is the sister of NBA superstar Al Horford.

Companies For The Cause: A Look Into Who Is Really Supporting BLM (Podcast)

In this mini episode, I discuss which companies are truly advocating for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I also call out the companies who are hurting...

Why Do We Cheat? (Podcast)

Why do we cheat? What drives us to be unfaithful to those we commit to? How do we learn from it? Wine: Embrazen Photo:...

Discussing George Floyd & Police Brutality W/ Anna & Jon Horford (Podcast)

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by police officers in Minnesota. People have protested all over the world in response to his...

Managing Mental Health During a Pandemic (Podcast)

Livv Simmons & I get real about managing mental health, specifically during this pandemic. Tune in to hear us dish about our journeys &...

Booty Backlash: Dissecting the Competitiveness Between Women (Podcast)

In this mini episode of Horford Happy Hour, I respond to the backlash from my first ever Tik Tok video. I also attempt to...

Our Love for Reality TV Shows (Podcast)

Love Island, Too Hot To Handle, The Bachelor... What's the deal with our fascination for these TV shows? What draws us in? What keeps...

Dating Don’ts & Definite Disasters (Podcast)

Have you ever gone on a date with a murderer? Have you ever lied about yourself online? Are dating apps even legitimate? Wine: 19...

Feel The Bern (Podcast)

So rarely do we have an opportunity to elect someone who is truly "for the people." Bernie Sanders cannot be bought. His political history...

Like a F*cking Lady (Podcast)

Dismantling the patriarchy? Check. Celebrating women's empowerment? Check. Downing a bottle of cabernet? Check. Wine: Campo Viejo Carbernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah Model: Olivia Gorman

Anna Horford: A Willingness to Learn & Grow

One of the most significant things I've learned as I've gotten older is the importance of ones' willingness to learn and grow. We become...

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