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Full Bio : The CLNS Media Network is the leading online provider of audio and visual content in the digital realm. CLNS is a premiere destination for broadcast journalism as well as personal and collective digital branding and marketing. Our mission is to enhance and empower the individual while providing information and ideas that enrich and enlighten society. The network features a continuous broadcast schedule with numerous personalities and celebrities from across the worlds of current events, finance, entertainment, technology, law, and sports. A leading provider of audio and video content, CLNS delivers its audience the highest quality presentations which immeasurably enhances the retainability of its information, analysis and messages making it most advantageous to both its consumers as well as current and prospective advertisers. Additionally, CLNS employs both full and part-time journalists, commentators and producers from around the world. Utilizing its staff members' geography, CLNS provides global news and unique commentary and perspective all in written, spoken and visual formats. Being based out of Boston, MA, CLNS features live on-scene reporters and camera crews at various games and sporting events with a specialization in the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and New England Patriots. CLNS Media combines a distinctive and eclectic variety of digital coverage with an emphasis on its unparalleled audio/video content. This comprehensive coverage offers its audience live and on-demand news and commentary like no other media outlet.

Coach Nick: Why Russell Westbrook and the Rockets Have Some Major Problems – BBALLBREAKDOWN

Russell Westbrook + Paul George - OKC Thunder = Thunder plummet to 150-1 in their chances to win the NBA title in 2019-20. All the...

Coach Nick: Kemba Walker is a Better Fit for Celtics than Kyrie

Here it is Boston Celtics fans, the epic breakdown from Coach Nick on Kemba Walker vs Kyrie Irving in Celtics' green. Celtics fans will be...

Anna Horford Explains the Meaning of LGBTQ Pride Month – Horford Happy Hour

As the month of June is winding down, so is the celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month. What the heck down the "TQ....." mean anyway? Why...

The data couldn’t be clearer — Grant’s Current Yield Podcast Ep. 93

Jay Van Sciver, head of industrials at Hedgeye Risk Management, comes by to discuss opportunities in cyclicals, the state of the economy and some...

Bob Ryan Warns Nets on Kyrie: "Buyers Beware" - The Garden Report Podcast

As NBA “silly season” turns to Summer League, the trending news and unprecedented player movement has slowed and left a void in the NBA,...

Cedric Maxwell Gives His Opinion on Whether NBA Players are Spoiled

Cedric Maxwell joins Nick Gelso and Josue Pavon to tackle the topic of today's NBA players and whether they're spoiled?

Cedric Maxwell on Kyrie Irving’s Future – Garden Report

Cedric Maxwell joins Nick Gelso and Josue Pavon to discuss Kyrie Irving's future. Did Kevin Durant's injury factor into Irving's decision at all? Will Durant...

2019 Celtics are the Biggest Disappointment in 36 years? – The Garden Report

Cedric Maxwell joins Nick Gelso and Josue Pavon on this edition of the Garden Report. In a previous episode of the Cedric Maxwell Podcast, Cornbread...

Danny Ainge Interview “No regrets” Over Kyrie Irving Deal

Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge met with media on Wednesday to discuss the future of his star guard Kyrie Irving. "We made a...

It Appears No One Wants Kyrie Irving to Play for Them

Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets seemed like a done deal. But on Wednesday ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Brooklyn only wanted Irving if...

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