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Full Bio : The CLNS Media Network is the leading online provider of audio and visual content in the digital realm. CLNS is a premiere destination for broadcast journalism as well as personal and collective digital branding and marketing. Our mission is to enhance and empower the individual while providing information and ideas that enrich and enlighten society. The network features a continuous broadcast schedule with numerous personalities and celebrities from across the worlds of current events, finance, entertainment, technology, law, and sports. A leading provider of audio and video content, CLNS delivers its audience the highest quality presentations which immeasurably enhances the retainability of its information, analysis and messages making it most advantageous to both its consumers as well as current and prospective advertisers. Additionally, CLNS employs both full and part-time journalists, commentators and producers from around the world. Utilizing its staff members' geography, CLNS provides global news and unique commentary and perspective all in written, spoken and visual formats. Being based out of Boston, MA, CLNS features live on-scene reporters and camera crews at various games and sporting events with a specialization in the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and New England Patriots. CLNS Media combines a distinctive and eclectic variety of digital coverage with an emphasis on its unparalleled audio/video content. This comprehensive coverage offers its audience live and on-demand news and commentary like no other media outlet.

Terry Rozier Needs to Stop Talking – Garden Report w/ Cedric Maxwell

Cedric Maxwell joins Josue Pavon and Nick Gelso on the Garden Report to discuss Terry Rozier's latest comments. Rozier recently made a series of...

Do Celtics Even Want Kyrie Irving to Return? Cedric Maxwell on the Garden Report

Celtics color analyst Cedric Maxwell joins Nick Gelso & Josue Pavon on the Garden Report to talk about Kyrie Irving's future.  

Is Josh Gordon Still Part of Patriots Plan? | Foxboro Report

FOXBORO, MA -- It is unclear whether or not Josh Gordon will be suspended for a portion or all of the 2019-20 NFL season,...

Did the New England Patriots Get in the Heads of the New York Jets?...

FOXBORO, MA -- The New York Jets have made an interesting move of firing their General Manager Mike Maccagnan and naming their new coach...

Does Jamie Collins Fit w/ Patriots? Depends Who You Ask | Foxboro Report

FOXBORO, MA -- The New England Patriots shocked both the fans and their players in 2016 when they traded All-Pro Jamie Collins to Cleveland...

Is Anthony Davis Still on Table for Celtics After Pelicans Lottery Win? Garden Report

The New Orleans Pelicans won the NBA Draft Lottery which means they will select Zion Williamson with the first overall pick. What does this...

Bruce Cassidy Addresses Media Before Bruins Depart for Game 3 in Carolina

BEDFORD, MA -- Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy spoke to the media before the team departed for game 3 in Raleigh, NC.  

Sean Kuraly Addresses Media Prior to Bruins Departing for Game 3 in Carolina

BEDFORD, MA -- Bruins forward Sean Kuraly spoke to the media before the team departed for game 3 in Raleigh, NC. "It starts from the top...

David Pastrnak Doesn’t Think Series is Over Just Because Bruins Up 2-0

BEDFORD, MA -- Bruins forward David Pastrnak spoke to the media before the team departed for game 3 in Raleigh, NC.  

David Backes on Bruins Depth Being Key to 2-0 Series Lead

BEDFORD, MA -- Bruins forward David Backes spoke to the media before the team departed for game 3 in Raleigh, NC.

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