Author: Coach Nick

Coach Nick

Full Bio : Coach Nick is the President of BBALL BREAKDOWN.  By using NBA footage, he breaks down the games with freeze frames, arrows, and slow motion to explain the intricate details of what is happening on the court. Coach Nick’s coaching experience includes serving as basketball manager for the University of Wisconsin under Stu Jackson as well as leading the boys basketball team at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys for three seasons.

Celebrating Manu As He Retires (podcast)

Friend of the Breakdown Mo Dakhil joins Coach Nick to discuss in detail his experiences working for the Spurs during Manu's golden years (2009-2011)...

Does Melo Help Or Hurt The Rockets? (podcast)

Did the Rockets improve by adding Melo but losing Trevor Ariza and luc Richard Mbah a Moute? That's a lot of defense to make...

The LeBron Swearing In Front Of Kids Episode (podcast)

Coach Nick sparked a bit of a debate by disagreeing with LeBron's use of the F-bomb when giving a great speech to his son's...

Who Rules The Eastern Conference? (podcast)

Does Kawhi tilt the balance of power from the Boston Celtics to the Toronto Raptors? Can the Sixers improve upon last year? Who is...

The Rookies You MUST Keep Your Eye On (podcast)

Find out which rookies show promise for the  upcoming NBA season,as well as a good discussion on which action generates the best three point...

KAWHI TRADE with Raptors Beat Writer Doug Smith (podcast)

Have the Raptors finally exercised their demons now that LeBron has gone to the West and they've added a top 5 player in the...

Does Jimmy Butler Want OUT Of Minnesota? (podcast)

Darren Wolfson, of the Minneapolis local ABC Affiliate as well as ESPN Radio Twin Cities, joins Coach Nick to discuss why Jimmy Butler refused...

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