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Full Bio : Gi is a collection of longtime friends joining forces to discuss gaming & geek culture with raw, uncut, & unbiased opinions. Mix in a bit of our humor and you get the medicine and the candy. Illuminaughty means "the enlighten ones". Therefore our mantra is "we are the enlightened gamers". For more content from Gaming Illuminaughty, click here.

Should Ronnie 2K Be Fired?

Gi Podcast Ep.88 is now out! We talk NBA 2K20, Gears 5, Control & more! Thank you Candid & Postmates for sponsoring this episode!

Walmart Bans Violent Video Games?

The Gi crew assembles alongside guest Tony to talk Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Walmart's ban on violent video games, Modern Warfare's multiplayer reveal, The...

Gi Podcast #86 – E3 2019 Was Lame AF

The Gi boys reunite to talk what did or rather didn't happen at E3 2019, Apex Legends Season 2, My Friend Pedro, The Switch...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is Confusing

Haiti's #1 ranked sharpshooter & Discord regular Senkon joins the crew to talk E3 2019 predictions, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Death Stranding and...

Gi Podcast Ep.79 – The Anime Episode

Funimation social media coordinator & anime expert GodsWill joins the Gi crew to talk favorite anime, Dragon Ball Super Broly, Battlefield V and a...

Gi Podcast Ep.78 – The Soulja Boy Console

Soulja Boy decided to release his own rebranded Chinese clone console. Thanks to Robinhood & Mint mobile for sponsoring the show! ● 3 months of...

The War On Microtransactions

U.S. Senator introduces a bill to protect kids from microtransactions. The boys also talk Days Gone, MK11, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and more! Thank you to...

Episode 83 – PS5 Rumors Are Ryzen!

In episode 83 of the Gi podcast, the boys talk PS5 leaks and more! Thank you Quip & Robinhood for sponsoring the show. Sponsors ● Quip...

Gi Podcast Ep. 82 – Sekiro The Hardest Game Out

Gi Podcast Ep.82 features conversations about Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Google Stadia & more! Thank you to...

Episode 80 – Bungie & Activistion Split Destiny?

No Clips Danny O Dwyer joins the join crew in episode 80 to talk Bungie, favorite games of 2018, OverWatch drama, The Epic Store...

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