Author: Frank Hennessy


Full Bio : Sports fan from the Boston area offering his thoughts on an array of sports topics. The majority of posts will revolve around the NBA, with the Celtics being a main topic of discussion.

2018 NBA Playoffs: Rapidly Becoming a Young Man’s Game

Young players are having big performances so far this postseason, with some acting as the focal point of their team. Donovan Mitchell of the Utah...

NBA MVP Race: Who leads the way?

With a quarter of the NBA season in the books, one of the most intriguing topics around the league is the MVP conversation. There...

NBA Playoffs: Chalk or Rife with Upset Possibilities?

After an exciting regular season that came down to the last game to determine seeding for several teams, including an actual head-to-head matchup for...

NBA Trade Deadline: Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers a tale of opposites on deadline...

Last week's NBA trade deadline was certainly an entertaining spectacle, but one that the Boston Celtics chose to stay out of despite several rumors. Marcus...

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