Author: John Zannis


Full Bio : John Zannis serves as Vice President and Director of Content at the CLNS Media Network.

Tom Brady Returning to Patriots & Bringing Offseason Drama With Him

Tom Brady could have ended this once and for all. He could have kicked dysfunction to the curb and told drama to take a hike....

Patriots Quest for Tom Brady’s Replacement Will Have to Wait

So about that brand new Patriots Quarterback.... Which Quarterback were the Patriots going to select in this year's NFL Draft to be Tom Brady's eventual...

8th Blunder of the World: Kyrie Trade to Celtics Already a Disaster for Cavaliers

Even before they took the floor on Tuesday night at the TD Garden to face the Celtics in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference...

Bring it On LeBron! Celtics Better Positioned To Dethrone King James Than Ever Before

I know what everybody's thinking. We've seen this movie before. Young, plucky, overachieving, happy-to-be-here Boston Celtics max out reaching conference finals only to get...

Patriots Defeat Jets 38-3 to Earn First Round Playoff Bye

  The New England Patriots locked up a first round by with a 38-3 win over the New York Jets. The Patriots will now host...

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