Author: Michael Pina

Michael Pina

Full Bio : Michael Pina co-hosts the Winning Plays podcast on the CLNS Media Network.

Winning Plays Podcast: Celtics-Pacers Takeaways

Brian and Michael break down the Celtics' first round sweep of the Pacers by going over takeaways. What did we learn about the C's...

Is Jayson Tatum a Reliable 2nd Option for Celtics? Can Kyrie Irving be the...

Brian, Michael and Rich break down a dramatic Game 2 comeback by the Celtics, hand out awards, debate Tatum as a No. 2 scoring...

Game 2 Adjustments for Celtics - Winning Plays Podcast

Brian, Michael and Rich break down takeaways from Game 1, talk about adjustments for Game 2 and the rest of the Pacers-Celtics series and...

Regular Season Awards Show

Brian, Michael and Rich make their choices for Celtics MVP, most improved Celtic, biggest disappointment and most underutilized Celtic of the year. They also...

What Happens if Kyrie Leaves?

Brian, Michael and Rich talk about the roles of Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier (3:00), and starting lineup changes ahead of a big Pacers/Celtics...

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