Author: Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso

Full Bio : Nick Gelso is the Majority Owner and Founder of CLNS Media. Gelso serves as the network's CEO and Director of Sales, spearheading sales initiatives and monetizing its critically acclaimed audio and visual content.Nick has been involved in the industry since 2007 and aired his first podcast in 2008. He is an accomplished podcast consultant and widely considered a pioneer in the industry. In addition to doing the business of a CEO, Gelso is also an analyst for CLNS Media's Garden Report Celtics Post Game Show shot on the famed parquet floor, following every Celtics game.

The State of the 2020 Presidential Race with Bob Shrum - Podcast

Legendary Democratic Consultant Bob Shrum joins Beats & Eats to discuss the state of the 2020 race.  Shrum, a political veteran, who has worked...

LIVE STREAM: Celtics vs Rockets Post-Game Show

Immediately following the closing buzzer, CLNS will go live on all platforms to breakdown the last exhibition scrimmage of the season and talk about...

America is Burning: NBA Legends Live Feed on George Floyd Protest

The NBA community has been the most visible on the front lines of the protests. The NBA legends community react in a live stream,...

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Honoring Celtics’ Legend, John “Hondo” Havlicek with rare video footage

BOSTON LANDING — The unfortunate news of John Havlicek’s” passing, rocked the Celtics’ community and the NBA world. In honor of the Boston sports legend, CLNS Media wanted...

Brad Stevens & Nate McMillan Take the Podium for Game 1 Media Avail

TD GARDEN -- It’s playoff time again in Boston! The Celtics enter their round 1 match-up vs the Indiana Pacers. Coach Brad Stevens Meets with the media,...

Al Horford: “A Lot of Weight Off Our Shoulders” Following Win vs Wizards

Re: Setting the tone heading into Sunday playing the Rockets“It is a very tough matchup and it will be fun being here at the...

Finding strength in adversity will be a test of character for these Celtics

Nobody sails through life without facing failure even once. It is imminent and everybody has to face it because some things are not just...

The Danny Ainge Dilemma at the NBA Trade Deadline – The Garden Report

 WAGER ON THIS WEEK’S MARQUIS MATCH-UPS IN THE NBA WITH A 50% CASH BACKNBA Silly Season is in full swing and 2019 is the year...

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