Author: Nikki Kay

Nikki Kay

Full Bio : Nikki Kay is the host of Clippers Beat on CLNS Media. Before returning to Los Angeles, Nikki covered the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2016-18 for Ch. 4 KFOR which spanned the team's Western Conference Finals appearance and subsequent departure of Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook's MVP season and the signing of Paul George. Nikki is a graduate of UCLA and a former high school basketball player.

018: Bobby Marks, Front Office Insider

00:00 Welcome Bobby Marks! 01:00 The K.D.omino 05:00 The A.D.eadline 10:30 Clippers Front Office Priorities 13:00 Kawhi?

017: Fred Katz of The Athletic, A *Former* Clippers Fan

00:00 Welcome Fred! 10:00 Kawhi doing things 14:00 Pita Pit 20:00 Best NBA Food Cities 24:00 Young Clips Follow @FredKatz, read his work at...

015: Farbod Esnaashari awards Clippers Yearbook Superlatives

00:00 Welcome Farbod! 00:35 Season in review 07:00 What can the young core work on this summer 10:00 the future of P Bev 12:35...

011: Aaron Larsuel Discusses Dubs Dominance In Game 1

00:00 Welcom Aaron Larsuel 02:00 Game 1 breakdown 15:00 What adjustments can Clippers make? 25:00 A look around the Western Conference Playoffs

Keith Smith breaks down the playoff landscape

00:00 Welcome Keith Smith 02:00 Two nights left!!! 08:00 Predicting 1-8 in the West 16:00 A crack at GSW? 20:00 Quick trip East ...

Mirjam Swanson on what makes the Clips Click

00:00 Welcome Mirjam! Happy April! 02:00 Clippers rolling through March 08:10 A look at the remaining schedule 11:00 Best playoff matchup 17:00 Rockets vs. Clippers...

008: Ben Golliver on the Rivers’ rejuvenation & the construction of the Clippers

00:00 Welcome Ben Golliver! 01:00 Doc's rebirth 17:30 Free agent frenzy 19:00 The Clippers blueprint 25:00 Best playoff matchup? You can follow Ben on...

006: Cayleigh Griffin of the Cavs takes us East

00:00 Welcome @CayleighGriffin ! 04:30 Young Bull vs. SGA 09:00 State of the East 15:00 Breaking down Cavs vs. Clips You can follow...

Nick Gallo of the Thunder previews OKC @ LAC

1:10 Welcome Nick Gallo! 5:30 the Thunder season from the inside 13:20 the matchup 23:30 Take It or Leave It Follow Nick Gallo...

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