Author: Tyler Erickson


Full Bio : Tyler Erickson hosts The Gaming Hub Podcast on the CLNS Media Network.

Episode 171 – The Nintendo Switch Lite is Announced!

This week, we discuss the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, coming this September day and date with Link's Awakening. How will this console...

Episode 166 – E3 2019! Nintendo Direct Reactions!

Join us to hear our reactions to the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019!

Episode 165 – E3 2019! Ubisoft and Square Reactions!

E3 is here! Join us for reactions to the Ubisoft and Square Enix conferences!

Episode 164 – E3 2019! Microsoft and Bethesda Reactions!

Join us as we recap Day 2 of E3 2019 by giving our reactions to both the Microsoft and Bethesda conferences!

Episode 162 – E3 Predictions Show

Join us as we discuss what we're excited for at E3 2019 and hear our predictions for the biggest gaming show of the year!

Episode 163 – E3 2019! Our EA Play Experience

Join us for our continuing coverage of E3 2019 as we discuss EA Play, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game play, and look ahead...

Episode 170 – Is Only One Console For Project Scarlett a Good Idea?

This week, we return from a short break to discuss Xbox's next-gen plans. While they had previously said that they planned on releasing two...

Episode 169 – Some of the Best Games We Saw at E3

In this special bonus episode, we discuss some of our favorite games that we saw demos of at E3 and also bring the interviews...

Episode 168 – What’s Your Favorite Surprise Mechanic?

This week, we give one final look back at E3 after we've had time to sleep and process everything we saw and experienced in...

The Gaming Hub: Behind the Scenes at E3 2019

We wrap up our last day in Los Angeles by recapping the final day of E3 2019. We got to play Borderlands 3, see...

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