Baseball Having No Fans at Games Not Impacting Betting Odds

Baseballs are scattered around one of the fields as Oakland Athletics players take batting practice during spring training at Lew Wolff Training Complex in Mesa, Ariz., on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. (Randy Vazquez / Bay Area News Group)

Baseball is looking to return to play sometime during the summer.  And after earlier reports this spring that games would be played in fan-less stadiums in Arizona, Major League Baseball is now looking at teams utilizing their home stadiums — sans fans.


Teams like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers have massive fan bases — routinely playing in front of sellout crowds and feeding off massive energy and adrenaline.

If baseball does return, it likely be without fans.  Games may as well be played in libraries.  Former Yankees manager Buck Showalter provided insight on what that’d be like.  And it ain’t good:

“You need people there and saying, ‘Hey, it’s important what you’re doing. We’re counting on you,'” Showalter said Wednesday on Spain and Company on ESPN Radio. “You need that emotional flicker, so to speak, that makes you realize why you do all these things, especially in baseball, where you play 162 games, seven days a week. That’s what I have trouble getting across to football coaches and even basketball coaches. We play every day. We need that emotion.”

Despite fan-less ballparks, released betting odds and the favorites are…the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers! Those who’d be the betting favs anyways:


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