Paying Out All KC Chiefs 2020 AFC West Bettors

Patrick Mahomes has the KC Chiefs in prime position to win the AFC West. has already begun paying out all who bet on KC to win it

SHARE has gone ahead and paid out all AFC West division futures wagers on the Kansas City Chiefs as winners. 

“With the way the AFC West is unfolding, we felt very comfortable moving forward and rewarding Chiefs bettors early,” Dave Mason, brand manager at, said. “The only way Kansas City doesn’t come out on top is if Andy Reid eats too many hamburgers or Patrick Mahomes suffers a season-ending injury, and nobody wants to see that.”

While the Chiefs were challenged against the Chargers out in Los Angeles in Week 2, and the Las Vegas Raiders got off to a surprising 2-0 start, the defending Super Bowl champions have separated themselves from their peers.

The 4-0 Chiefs are heads and shoulders above the rest of the division, and possibly the NFL as well — looking as good as ever.

Nonetheless, this is a fairly unprecedented move for a sports book to begin paying out bettors this early into the season.

If the Chiefs somehow don’t win the West the early decision will cost BetOnline an amount in the low six-figure range. 

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