Betting Odds Put Bruins in NHL’s Upper Echelon

The NHL season starts in just a few weeks, and according to, the odds of Boston winning the Stanley Cup are quite favorable.


The Boston Bruins are no doubt looking to win the trophy they came so close to hoisting three months ago, and it seems the odds—according to—might be in their favor.

As the season prepares to begin with preseason game pucks already being dropped, released the NHL odds on Tuesday for the Stanley Cup Champion. The website has the Boston Bruins with an over under of 7-1; only the Tampa Bay Lightning are higher in the Eastern Conference, with 4-1 odds for them to come out as Eastern Conference Champions. While the Tampa Bay Lightning utterly collapsed in April, they still dominated the Eastern Conference and are expected to come back with a vengeance. 

Also in the east exists the Toronto Maple Leafs, who were given an over under of 7-1 along with the Bruins for this coming year. The odds might feel a little more favorable for them than warranted, but it is worth pointing out that new general manager Kyle Dubas and the Leafs did acquire the likes of Codi Ceci and Tyson Barrie, and traded away cap space in order to finally sign Mitch Marner. 

In the west, the Vegas Golden Knights sit at the top with an over under of 11-6, followed by the Colorado Avalanche at 6-1. Both the St. Louis Blues, the reigning champs, and the Winnipeg Jets are at 7-1.  

In case you wanted to know, the Ottawa Senators are at 80-1.