Black Lives Matter: CLNS Statement on Racial Injustice

CLNS Media stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and is committed to doing our part to help end racial injustice.


All of us at CLNS are horrified and outraged by the murder of George Floyd, and the senseless killing of all black people at the hands of police. 

We unequivocally express our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

We grieve with our black brothers and sisters who die in disproportionate numbers whether at the hands of police, an oppressive political system, decades of discriminatory housing policies, lack of access to affordable healthcare, or the impact of COVID-19.

We stand with all those, in America and across the world, who demand and fight for social justice.

We support the men and women exercising their right to protest.

We condemn the actions of a Government seeking to suppress voices of those peacefully protesting violence through the use of authoritarian military tactics.

We strive to fight for change and to help dismantle a system that has oppressed people of color for far too long.

We will keep seeking out ways to promote equity and opportunity within our company walls and in our community.

We PROMISE never to remain silent on these issues again.

It’s time to stand together as one and to speak the truth until we will our words into existence.

Black Lives Matter.