If It Feels Like Blue Jays’ Rowdy Tellez Has Terrorized the Red Sox in 2019, It’s Because He Has

It seems like every time the Red Sox have played the Blue Jays in 2019, Rowdy Tellez dominates. Well, he has.


It just hasn’t been the Red Sox season by any stretch of the imagination. They’ve been beaten, dragged, and demolished by their inability to reach their ceiling. And, well, there’s been one player in the AL East who–while he hasn’t exactly had a standout season overall–has absolutely decimated Red Sox pitching in 2019. Blue Jays first baseman/designated hitter, Rowdy Tellez, has been a menace against Boston.

This thought stemmed from watching another Rowdy Tellez bomb on Tuesday night when the Red Sox were shutout by the 57-89 Toronto Blue Jays. After withstanding sitting through another poor performance as they dropped their fifth consecutive contest, it’s becoming pretty evident that the team’s thrown in the towel. That was also probably clear when they fired their now former President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski.

Though the team was in contention–depending who you talk to–for much of the season, it felt like every time the Red Sox took on Toronto, their .223 hitting, rookie-infielder was doing some severe damage to Red Sox pitching, demolishing them at every turn. And that’s because, well, he was and still is.

Tellez who again, is hitting just .223 on the season with 19 home runs in 327 at-bats, has teed off on Boston’s arms putting up a .410 BA in 11 games and 45 plate appearances.

And if that’s not enough? Of Tellez’s 19 home runs, seven of them have come against someone in a Red Sox uniform. Those numbers also sit alongside a 1.026 SLG and 14 RBIs.

No matter the numbers he puts up against the rest of Major League Baseball, whatever the reason is, Tellez loves what he sees when these two teams square off.

Being a rookie, Tellez has gotten his first shot at facing off with Boston consistently throughout the year. He had a couple of opportunities in 2018, but his at-bats weren’t nearly as productive.

And not to mention, his OBP against Boston is nearly .500 sitting at .489. Frankly, Red Sox pitching will need to figure something out with Tellez going forward.

It’ll be interesting to see what the now 24-year-old will be able to do going forward with this team. Tellez hasn’t exactly established himself yet as an elite hitter in this league, despite the numbers that he’s posted against Alex Cora’s club, but being in the AL East, the Red Sox will have to figure out a way to silence that bat.

Not to steal away any credit from Tellez, but does a portion of his success against this team have anything to do with the fact that Dave Dombrowski’s pitching wasn’t anything worth noting in 2019? I’d have to say that’s speculation worth considering. But when somebody–let alone a rookie–is posting an eye-opening 1.515 OPS against your ballclub, it’s time to watch some extra film and adjust whatever it is that isn’t working. And, not for nothing, according to his numbers, it appears as though most of the league has already discovered that secret.

The lefty showed some promise when he debuted for Toronto in 2018 posting a .314 BA in 23 games and 73 plate appearances. There’s a legitimate possibility that this bat can develop into something that can contribute to this young core that they’re building on the Blue Jays Major League roster which includes Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette and of course, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. With that being said, it’ll be interesting to see what his performance at that plate looks like in 2020.