Bob Ryan: Kyrie Irving “not as smart as he thinks he is”

Bob Ryan tells Adam Kaufman on the Celtics Beat Podcast that Brooklyn is going to have its hands full with Kyrie Irving this year and beyond.


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When the NBA season starts up in November Kyrie Irving will be playing for his third team in the last 4 years. And it’s fair to say each team he’s left (Cavaliers, Celtics) he’s done so on less than good terms.

NBA Hall of Famer and former Boston Globe Celtics Reporter and Columnist Bob Ryan believes the situation in Brooklyn won’t be much different.

“Two words of advice for the Brooklyn fans… Buyer Beware.” Ryan told host Adam Kaufman on the Celtics Beat Podcast on CLNS Media.

Ryan believes whatever drama led Irving to leave winning environments like Cleveland and Boston will ultimately resurface in Brooklyn.

“He [Irving] will play for multiple teams,” said Ryan. “The Nets are hardly his last stop, and each team upon his exit will say god we could not figure that guy out.

“We still don’t know, he has never categorically said, why he (Kyrie) left Cleveland. Now, we think we know. But he never said it.”

As for why Irving left Boston, no one really knows. Obviously Irving struggled as a leader and created friction with some of the team’s younger players. But there have also been reports that Irving “soured on” President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge before the season even began.

“If he soured on Danny Ainge, if he soured on Brad Stevens that tells you a lot more about him than them, that’s all I know.” said Ryan.

As for how the folks in Brooklyn should deal with Irving upon his arrival, Ryan has the following advice.

“He’s [Irving] not as smart as he thinks he is,” said Ryan. “If, in fact, you see Kyrie Irving’s lips moving, cover your ears because what’s about to come out will be indecipherable. It’ll be contradictory. It’ll be bizarre. It might sound good and at the end you’ll go what’d he say?”