Bob Ryan On Terry Rozier “He was absolutely a pouter all year. It was ridiculous”

Bob Ryan talks says Terry Rozier may have been as big a problem for Celtics last season as Kyrie Irving on the Celtics Beat Podcast.


Kyrie Irving has taken the most heat in the media for being the malcontent responsible for the dismantling of the Celtics roster this offseason.

But Terry Rozier might be a close second. At least according to long time NBA and Celtics reporter and columnist Bob Ryan.

“You can’t blame it all on Kyrie [Irving.] Ryan told host Adam Kaufman on the Celtics Beat Podcast on CLNS Media. Let me ask you something. Do you think Rozier will ever look in the mirror and say ‘I was a jackass last year.’

Rozier ultimately ended up signing in Charlotte to presumably replace Kemba Walker (who signed with Boston) as the Hornets starting point guard. But prior to that Ryan wondered whether Rozier and the Celtics could still make it work, once it was clear Irving was leaving.

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“I thought the key now, can we reign Rozier back in,” said Ryan. “The mindset that he had a year ago, because I liked him as a player. I was perfectly happy to live with him with Kyrie gone. I’m happier now having a baggage-free star who wants to be here.”

And Ryan concedes that it’s possible Rozier goes on to have a good career, despite how badly he played and reacted to his role last year with the Celtics.

“Terry hey, fine you got your money now,” said Ryan. “Go play the game right. Play the game the way you played it in the Spring of 2018. But he was absolutely a pouter all last year. It was ridiculous.”