Bodner: Colangelo Fiasco Could Cost 76ers Shot at LeBron

The Athletic's Derek Bodner was a guest on the Celtics Beat Podcast and talked about the Colangelo Twitter mess and how it could hurt the 76ers.


There will be no shortage of team’s vying for LeBron James services this offseason. And if you believe everything you hear, even the Celtics are in the mix. But the odds on favorites are the Philadelphia 76ers. Or at least they were until recently.

Last week’s Twitter burner account fiasco involving team President Bryan Colangelo has shaken the Sixers organization and according to Derek Bodner of the Athletic could really impact their offseason pursuit of LeBron.

“The BDA pro day is out there in Los Angeles this week, and the general manager of the team is out in Philadelphia defending himself about twitter activity,” Bodner told host Evan Valenti on the Celtics Beat Podcast on CLNS Media. “And who knows who is going to be making the sales pitch to LeBron James on July 1st. Its really damaging from the team’s perspective.”

The 76ers are still investigating the Colangelo situation which involved 5 linked burner accounts used to criticize players, critique former GM Sam Hinkie and other staff, and even leak classified medical information about the team. Though it’s now being reported that the team believes Colangelo may not have directly had knowledge of the accounts, Bodner believes the damage has been done.

“I think it’s very unlikely that he survives this thing. I mean regardless of whether or not he had knowledge of the accounts, and even regardless of whether he tweeted any of the tweets, the damage done to his reputation and the damage done to the trust [is huge].”

Should the Sixers decide to fire Colangelo finding a strong replacement so quickly before the draft and free agency could be very tricky.

“It will be interesting whether or not they conduct a real thorough job search, just because of the timing of this,” Bodner said. “With the draft three weeks away, with free agency now under a month away, do you have the time to go out and be as thorough as you normally would? Or do you then pursue a guy with experience and connections who can jump in and hit it from the ground running because you want to make sure you go out there and appeal to LeBron James, and you have those connections to get those meetings and get those talks and really accomplish what you want. If they end up determining they have to go in another direction, it’s going to be fascinating to see which direction they go.”