Bohemian Rhapsody is as Polarizing as Freddie Mercury Was in Real Life

CLNS Media's staff of sports and non-sports personalities come together to review Bohemian Rhapsody...


There’s no question that, during his peak, Freddie Mercury was one of the more polarizing, scrutinized, praised and interesting characters in rock and roll.

It’s now 2018 and no one cares who you sleep with or what you dress like any more. Unlike when Mercury was prancing across some of the biggest stages around the globe, being gay is no-longer breaking news.

No one cares!

That said, even 27 years after his death, people are still fascinated about the life and times of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

With the wide variety of genres covered in CLNS Media’s pod and vidcasts, it was only natural that the movie reviews would start dropping as our show hosts went to see the much anticipated film.

Even our sports personalities were drawn to remark (or complain) about the movie.

So, here’s a nice variety of audio/visual reviews of Bohemian Rhapsody from our nostalgic pop-culture pods and even our sports personalities weighed in.

Prepare yourself before you see the film.

5Brunch Feasts on Rhapsody’s Inaccuracies

Brunch is a such a great show. It’s entertaining, raw and quite hilarious. That said, Boston sports personalities, DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn found nothing funny about the Mercury bio pic.

Having issues ranging from timeline inaccuracies, how Freddie met his lover, Tom Jim Hutton to how the film portrayed Queen’s race to the top of the pops.

But what about the music??? Bean and Blackburn make it clear that they love the music of Queen but the music alone doesn’t have the Brunch bunch giving the film a pass. These guys went so far as to rip apart the 20th Century Fox, Brian May Guitar intro, which, by the way, was not a keyboard and drum machine; Brian May is actually plucking those strings, fellas.

Listen here to laugh off the jeers for BOO-hemian Rhapsody:


4Stuck in the 80’s Found Themselves Choked Up by Bohemian Rhapsody

The Stuck in the 80’s guys were far more positive about the movie. Both Steve and Brad found themselves choked up at many points during the film.

Citing the Radio Ga Ga scene from Live Aid as a key point that pushed them way back to their youth during the 1980’s.

Co-host, Steve Spears put a wrapper on the film with this perfect quote about it:

“It’s a time in our lives where music can still make you feel like you can fly. It’s a time capsule, like any great biopic. A time when we roamed concert halls together, breathing the same air, singing the same notes, pounding the same bleachers. Carrying on, like we are all Champions…”


3Game Theory Podcast doesn’t Play the Game with Bohemian Rhapsody

No one was forcing The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie to show Bohemain Rhapsody some love. Similar to Brunch’s review, Vecenie and Kurtenbach rip apart everything from how the film portrayed the band’s rapid rise to fame to how Freddie told his bandmates that he had AIDS (in the wrong year).

2Beats & Eats Entered the Theater with Appropriate Expectations and You Should Too

Much like their retro peers at Stuck in the 80’s. Nick Gelso and Ty Ray gave Bohemian Rhapsody glowing reviews. From the music to the acting, Gelso and Ray have the Rhapsody right on point.

Gelso made it very clear that he understood the film makers challenge of wrapping up such a dynamic life in to a 2 hour flick. Ty found himself choked up during several different scenes. Gelso was fine with the PG-13 rating- regardless of sexuality, who (besides Sasha Baron Cohen) really wants to see Freddie Mercury in sex scenes? Similarly, who really wants to see Mercury as a skeleton in the last days of life?

Gelso and Ray both agreed that it was appropriate to leave those scenes out.


1So, Should You Go See the Film?

We say, you will regret if you do not. Go in with the expectation that this film is not a documentary, it’s a bio-pic MOVIE about the life and times of a very charismatic, uniquely talented yet lonely, self loathing and insecure man. The film takes place in a time when sexuality was a major point of criticism and prejudice.

Most importantly, do not miss out on what is likely the last time you will hear Freddie Mercury’s voice on the big screen. Celebrate his life, not what the movie left out about his death. Lastly, if you really feel that the movie was thumbs down because of some timeline alterations, then you need to get a life.