Nothing Funny About David Price’s Continued Struggles Against Yankees

David Price's struggles against the Yankees continue as the lefty was shelled on Sunday night, giving up 8 runs and 5 HR in an 11-1 Sox loss.


After his last start on Wednesday night at Fenway David Price ‘joked’ with the media that wasn’t sure if he’d “be able to go” in his next start against the Yankees.

It would have been so much better if he actually hadn’t.

Price ‘was able to go’ – at least in the physical sense – on Sunday night in the rubber game between the Yankees and Red Sox. But the guy who ‘joked’ that he couldn’t handle the pressure of pitching against the Yankees went out and performed, well like a guy who can’t handle the pressure of pitching against the Yankees. The Sox lefty lasted only 3 and a third innings giving up 5 home runs and 8 runs in an 11-1 Red Sox loss. That’s 10 outs, 5 bombs. As Eck might say, Yuck.

“I felt fine,’’ Price said after the game. “They just put some good swings on what I felt were pretty good pitches. I never gave up five home runs in any start in my career. But I’m gonna move forward. I’m not gonna let a bad start define my season.’’

The start may nor define his season but his complete and total ineptitude against the Yankees since he arrived in Boston may define his Red Sox career. Price is 2-6 with an 8.43 ERA in nine starts against the Yankees. In New York the numbers are even worse, 0-5 with a 10.44 ERA.

This doesn’t even factor in the two starts Price missed against the Yankees this season raising speculation that he was ducking them. One Price left after one inning because of cold fingers. He had to miss another due to carpel tunnel syndrome Price insists he did NOT get from playing too many video games.

It’s those instances that prompted Price to poke back at reporters who called him “soft” earlier in the year sarcastically referring to himself as “soft” as I way I guess to get back at his detractors? I’m not sure who found it funny then or who’s laughing now but Price’s failure against the Yankees is no joke. Comments like the one he made last week only pile on added pressure to perform in big games and so far he hasn’t.

To his credit, the tall lefty didn’t try to make light of the situation after Sunday’s miserable start.

“It’s time for me to kind of go back to that drawing board and kind of reinvent myself against these guys,” Price said.

Good idea. And also maybe cut out the ‘jokes’ for a while.