Red Sox Legend David Ortiz in Stable Condition After Being Shot Outside Dominican Bar

Ortiz was shot in the back at point blank range. He is in stable condition after surgery


Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz is recovering from surgery after being shot in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.

Ortiz was shot in the back at point blank range by a suspect who rode up on Ortiz on a motorcycle, got off the bike and fired.
The bullet also struck one of Ortiz’s companions.
Ortiz is in stable condition and “out of danger” after undergoing surgery, according to his surgeon.
Ortiz’s father, Leo Ortiz, told reporters in Spanish, “He is resting right now. He is stable.”

The first report came from the Dominican news outlet CDN37 and indicated Ortiz had been shot in the leg.

Here is surveillance footage from the bar where Ortiz was shot. Ortiz appears to be at the top of the screen wearing white pants and appears to slump backwards after being shot.

David Ortiz’s father, Leo Ortiz, told reporters gathered at Dominican Republic clinic that his son was resting after surgery and that no organs were affected by the bullet. He said the doctors anticipate a full recovery. “Big Papi will be around for a long time.”

“We have offered David’s family all available resources to aid in his recovery and will continue to keep them in our hearts,” the Boston Red Sox said in a statement.

Ortiz retired from baseball after the 2016 season. He played 20 seasons in the Majors. He joined the Red Sox in 2003 and was a key member of 3 World Championship teams.