Brendan Rodgers to Celtic FC


Although I was hoping to see him back in the English Premier League next season, I am happy that Brendan Rodgers has landed on his feet.

Celtic is a legendary club that has the respect of footy fans around the world. They have often been overlooked due to the fact that the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) does not bode enough high-level competition but signing Rodgers could make this a feared side in Europe once again.

Pressure on Rodgers

Rodgers is known for his high-pressure, attacking system and implementing this at Celtic will be no easy task. Celtic has always dominated the SPFL and have won the title every year since the 2011/12 season. This puts Rodgers immediately under a bit of pressure because to not win the league in 2016/17 would devastate the club and its supporters. To find an excuse for that kind of stumble would be near impossible.

In the 2015/16 season, Celtic finished top to the league (no surprise) by 15 points essentially strolling to the finish line. In 38 games, they scored 93 goals and let in 31…yeppp…it might be time to bump up the difficulty from “professional” to “world class”. Interestingly, the club still felt the need to bring Rodgers in which gives you an idea of the club’s goals & ambitions…conquer EUROPE!

Eyes on Europe

Celtic has struggled in Europe and last year in the Europa league, they went winless and crashed out in last place of their group – three draws and three losses was all they had to offer. This is not where a club like Celtic should be finishing and Rodgers’ experience under pressure should give his side some confidence to play up to their abilities.

I think Rodgers will be fine at Celtic. It’s a good test for him and a chance to show the world that he may still live up to his potential. Should he stumble and lose the SPFL title, his career will be in dire straits. Not to add pressure on him but his contract is a 12-month rolling contract with an option to renew after each year.

Although they have hired him, Celtic seem to be weary of Rodgers’ abilities as his contract is a 12-month rolling contract with an option to renew after each year. The standard for manager contracts is 3-5 years. It seems the writing’s on the wall and it’s up to Rodgers to reclaim his reputation. What better place than the best team in the SPFL?

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