Bruins 2018 Draft Pick Jakub Lauko Proclaims Himself “The Steal Of the Draft”

Boston Bruins 2018 third round pick Jakub Lauko is raising eyebrows at development camp.


BRIGHTON, Mass — You don’t have to be watching this year’s Boston Bruins development camp closely to notice Jakub Lauko‘s glaring speed. It’s obvious. It’s palpable.

It’s can’t-miss.

In the many drills done at development camp, Lauko consistently left defenders in the dust. When asked what his style was, he was clear and concise.

“I love the breakaways,” Lauko said. “I love the free, open space and getting past the defense.”

Lauko is the Bruins’ 2018 third round pick (77th overall) and was already making news the day of the draft when he was proclaiming that he was the steal of the draft.

“I expected to be higher,” Lauko admitted to the media. “But now I can prove to everyone that I am one of the biggest steals of the draft.”

Most scouts have Lauko’s elite, straight-line speed and hard shot at the top of their scouting reports, and rightfully so. But Lauko wants the world to know that there’s a lot more to his game than just the flash.

“I love to play hard and get hit hard,” said the Czech native. “I love to block shots. Its my game and I’m trying to be active in every part of the game. I try to play the beginning of the game like its the end.”

And he even went on to include some things he had to work on.

“I need to work on my scoring for sure,” he admitted. “I’m wasting a lot of scoring chances — maybe you see them in practice. Almost every shot I take goes over the net or into the goalie so it’s the one thing I have to work on.”

The 18-year-old is six feet, 170 pounds. The height is alright but the weight and strength could use some work — and Lauko acknowledges that.

“I need to be stronger and get more strength,” he said. “I have to work on that. I hope it will be better.”

Lauko is from the Czech Republic which means when he’s home, he’s constantly reminded of the success fellow Czech David Pastrnak is having here in Boston.

“I don’t know him personally,” said Lauko. “We have the same agent, and I’ve been with him for some games but like I said, I don’t know him well. But it’s good to see what he’s done. I’d say he’s the most popular Czech hockey player now.”

“I always look up to Ryan Getzlaf,” said Lauko. “He was my hockey idol when I was younger. Last year I was looking at Johnny Gaudreau a lot — small guy but a really, really good player.”

While Lauko may look up to Getzlaf he more closely reselmbles Haudreau. Both have great speed, a hard shot, and aren’t afraid of the dirty areas.

If Lauko can turn out to be half as good as Gaudreau, he will be a massive success. And just judging off of the small sample size that has been, it seems as though that’s a reachable goal. Someday, it may even be an easy one.