Bruins vs Maple Leafs Game 7 Tickets Are Averaging Nearly $400 On Secondary Market


When the Boston Bruins face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday, it will mark the fourth time since 2012 that any Boston pro team has hosted a Game 7, and the game will likely be the second most expensive of the four.

According to, the average asking price on the secondary market for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Quarterfinals is $382. Only the 2014 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Montreal Canadiens, at $578.90, was more expensive.

Wednesday’s game marks the first time since that Canadiens game that Boston has hosted an NHL Game 7. But since 2012, the Boston Celtics have hosted two – NBA semifinals in 2017 and 2012. The 2017 matchup with the Washington Wizards was the pricier of the two at $377.20 on the secondary market. The 2012 game against the Philadelphia 76ers settled at $280.82.

As Boston prepares for more hockey hoopla, fans can rest a little easy knowing that paying $382 for Game 7 is a steal in this sense – fans paid more than $650 for a seat for the three games at Toronto’s Air Canada Arena. In Boston, though, fans were less willing to fork over the big bucks – Game 1 cost an average of $185, Game 2 $273 and Game 4 $289. In fact, the $197 get-in price for tomorrow’s game is more than the average price for Game 1. Of course, there’s no guess work to Wednesday’s game – the winner will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals against Tampa Bay, a 4-1 winner against New Jersey.

According to TicketIQ, the average for the previous three semifinal series games in Boston was $249, and Game 7 represents a premium of more than 50 percent.

While the Bruins have experience in their favor, the Maple Leafs have momentum. Boston had a 3-1 series lead before Toronto won two consecutive, including a 3-1 victory in Game 6.