Business Software Solutions Everyone Should Acquire in 2020


Whether you are in a small, medium, or a large business, you need to have different software combinations to effectively run your business. With so many processes to run, most companies are now embracing different software types to run their businesses, depending on their operation mode. It is now easier to run business processes by a click of a button.

Here is a list of some of the best business software solutions you can have in 2020.


Does your business have a lot of documentation or files? If so, you need to acquire Proofhub software. Proofhub can be termed as a robust business management software, which helps to combine all features necessary to run any business type. It allows individuals to streamline their processes, store files, share them, and share feedback under the same platform. The Proofhub app can be used by both android and Apple smartphone users. Its top features include charts to keep projects on track, project management, and task management system reports – to give clear insights into the business and a time tracker, which provides time spent on each task.

This software works best for individuals who do freelancing, consulting, and running of small agencies. is management software that helps to get things done as scheduled. Its objective is to bring together project management and customer management in one place.

Its top features include a beautiful user interface, real-time updates, focused communication, time and bill tracking, and task syncing with the calendar. It allows one to know which are the critical tasks and those that are overdue.


Zenefits is an online payroll software that is easy and reliable for both small and large business enterprises. It makes payroll creation easier, as compared to manual payroll that was used before. Its best features include unlimited payrolls and garnishments support. Since it’s software for payroll, it can also perform direct deposits, complete contract payments, and have general ledger lending.

It can synchronize data with the human resource department, making payment processing easier for businesses. It also keeps companies to be compliant by automatically deducting employee taxes, and other approved deductions. The software eases the procedure for leave application and updates since they are synced immediately; an application is made.


Do you need to manage your business efficiently without hassle? Then try Studiocloud software. Studiocloud has all the features which are necessary to manage business processes anywhere and at any time. Its benefits include managing different types of clients, vendors, and partners in one place.

It can create and send customized invoices and also send automated and personalized email and text messages. It can also have clients review and sign their contracts online. You can customize its interface and look to correspond with your business theme.

Zoho One

Zoho one helps companies and businesses manage their apps in one place. It gives companies a combination of over 40 different apps, which are ideal in managing a business. You only need to connect multiple apps to enable other teams to work together as a team.

Its key benefits include helping individuals manage every corner of their business under one app and automates personalized workflows. Zoho also allows a free online document sharing. It provides what you need to run a successful business. It’s best used by individuals who need to manage their businesses and processes remotely.


Do your employees waste a lot of time working or carrying out specific tasks on a computer? If yes, then you need Timecamp software. It enables companies and businesses to track computer activities, monitor production, attendance of employees, integrations, and much more.

It tracks each working time automatically, and thus, you don’t need to worry about configuring it. Its benefits include sending real-time invoices based on time for a project, seamless integrations with accounting, management, and other software and assigning time to each project while monitoring employee input and internet usage. The software is available on desktop and app users and has an excellently intuitive interface.

Other software you can consider to use in running your business in 2020 includes Britrix, Apptivo, Honeybook, and much more, depending on your type of business and its requirements. There are so many software types you can choose to help you run your business. Some are fee-free while others require a subscription to access advanced features.

No matter the terms of use, having the right software helps a lot in running a business and has been at the frontline in making business processes more manageable. We hope the ones highlighted in this article will help you in managing your business.