Can Celtics Roster Work with 4 Centers?

The new look Celtics roster includes strong depth at the center position. Can they figure out how to play all four?


After a disappointing 2018-19 season, the Celtics roster overwent quite an overhaul, especially at the center position. As Boston watched Al Horford depart to the division rival 76ers, they also dealt Aron Baynes to the Phoenix Suns in a deal to clear salary cap space.

To replace Horford and Baynes, Boston signed free agent center Enes Kanter to a two-year deal, while also agreed on a new deal with Daniel Theis. But that wasn’t all, as they also signed Euroleague veteran Vincent Poirier and still have last year’s first round selection, Rob Williams, on the roster.

With the flurry of moves at the position, head coach Brad Stevens will have his hands full figuring out how to juggle the playing time of the four centers.

While Kanter expects to get the majority of time as the center spot, he is not known for his defensive ability. Vincent Poirier made it clear he is not coming over to the NBA to sit on the bench, and the Celtics believe he has the potential to be a “big-time” defender and rebounder.

Combining Kanter’s offensive talent with Poirier’s defensive potential could create an interesting duo at the position, but would leave Theis and Williams unhappy.

After joining the Celtics two years ago, Theis has proved he can provide quality minutes off the bench. And if rookie Grant Williams is struggling, Theis could even see time at the forward position. As for Williams, who has impressed in the summer league, another year of sitting on the bench would greatly diminish his potential.

Brad Stevens and co. will have many different options going forward, and it could end with some unhappy campers.

After all the offseason activity, the Celtics (7-1) have the third best odds to win the Eastern Conference, according to They only trail the Milwaukee Bucks (2-1) and Philadelphia 76ers (3-1).