Having a Car is Great, But it is Even Better When the Car is Hooked Up with Some Gadgets.

Having a car is great, but it is even better when the car is hooked up with some gadgets. ..


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It’s one thing having a great car but another having all the car accessories to make it into a living breathing gadget which can see you and your passengers travel around in comfort. 

We are in the middle of a revolution as year-on-year driverless cars edge ever closer. Meanwhile, the internet of things connects up all our everyday devices to make our lives easier. 

But what car gadgets should you buy? Some are going to be more useful than others. Here’s a list of the top 4 must-have car accessories. 

  1. USB Charger

Older cars don’t have USB ports and so instead you might need to buy a USB convertor which transforms the ashtray into a USB charging slot. With this, you can charge your phone up without the need for a power bank. 

You can use it to plug in WiFi hotspots and other smart gadgets that use USB, opening up your car to a range of possibilities.

  1. In-Car WiFi

It is possible now to get high-speed WiFi in your car so that you are always connected. This is important if you have children who like to watch movies to keep themselves entertained. Or perhaps you have teenagers who are keen to stay connected.

A normal data package would not be able to handle this so a specific data package for a car would work just fine. This can be plugged into the ashtray of many cars through a USB charger or converter. 

Alternatively, you can have a specific router installed into the car but this requires specialist installation and would be hard to remove if you sold the car.

  1. Find My Keys

Similar to the find my iPhone app that allows users to track where their apple devices are using their Apple ID, there are now key rings which have GPS built-in. 

This allows you to trace your car keys at a given point. No longer do you have to worry about whether they are somewhere in the house and you can’t find them or whether they have actually been stolen. Apps such as Tile Mate can give you the answer in seconds. 

  1. Seat Covers

Not so much one of the car gadgets you first think of in the traditional sense of the word but seat covers are a must-have, never-the-less. If you have children or teenagers then the chances are your seats will start to take a lot of damage. 

Muddy footprints, sandy days at the beach or perhaps they’re enjoying some popcorn with their new in-car entertainment, spillages are a fact of life. 

Must-Have Car Accessories Improve Your Car Journey 

Car journeys can be stressful situations. This is very true if you have little ones on board who can very easily become uncomfortable and bored or worse still they can start to fight and distract you from your journey.

With USB ports now easily available in each car and portable WiFi increasingly popular with the help of a few gadgets, must-have car accessories can make your journey less stressful. 

Gadgets can even ensure you never lose your car keys again. 

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