Car Insurance For Single Mothers – Some Important Facts Revealed

Living in the household without a partner, together with one or more children? In the USA, the number of single mothers is steadily increasing.


Living in the household without a partner, together with one or more children? In the USA, the number of single mothers is steadily increasing. Instead of sharing the responsibility for sufficient provision by two, single mothers are required twice. Today we will discuss about what is available in the bags of insurance companies like car insurance assistance for single moms. We also will have a little insight into what to consider or where to focus while you are going to buy car insurance as a single mother.

Here the question arises, can insurers offer specialized car insurance for women because they drive more safely? The answer doesn’t really matter. Insurers are not allowed to make a distinction between the amount of the premium based on gender, and they do not. There are individual car insurance policies for women, but men can also take out these insurance policies, also, at the same premium.

Statistically, it has been shown that women drive more safely. But they often cause car damage. Expressed in dollars, men’s claims are higher. Under the line, insurers, therefore, have to spend more on damage caused by men. This is data that insurers cannot use because premium discrimination based on gender is not permitted from Brussels. For example, a distinction may be made based on where you live and on age.

What may the car insurance coverage for women be?

Exclusive benefits in auto insurance for women are just beginning in some insurers in many states. Among insurers the main aim is to protect women with their coverage are:

  • Protected bag. Covers loss due to theft with violent backpacks, bags or briefcases while the person is inside the car as a driver or passenger.
  • Auto Agency Continues. Vehicle repair exclusively in agencies or workshops authorized and recognized by the car brand.
  • Driver assistance. Sending a driver to pick up the repaired vehicle from the workshop and take it home. The car could be repaired due to accidents or any failure.
  • Continuous attention. Various services that include home delivery of medications, follow-up of illnesses, and personalized attention, among others.
  • Safe tire. Covers the material or economic replacement of tires and wheels by punctures, accidents or impacts against other objects.

Other benefits are already well established in various companies, such as the costs of reconstructive surgery in case of accidents, provided that the option of medical expenses or its equivalent is contracted in each insurer.

What to consider before hiring a car insurance policy as a single mother

Ask for special car insurance for women

There are several insurance companies now in the competition that focus on female motorists with car insurance. They make their car insurance interesting for this target group by matching the insurance with the wishes of women. You can think for example of insuring a stolen handbag from the car and having the bulbs replaced for free and checking the tire pressure. 

Car insurance suggests a premium benefit for women, but the benefit is only in the additional coverage. The additional coverages are exotic for some women, and others are more likely to find it derogatory.

Is car insurance for women smart marketing?

The benefits of women’s insurance compared to the average car insurance are few. It is made attractive by the illusion that you are cheaper as a woman. The insurers that focus on women are successful, so they do something good. Addressing a target group in this way is simply smart marketing.

Compare several insurers with each other

When insuring your car, you want the best coverage and service at the lowest premium. Online you can easily compare dozens of car insurance policies at once. In the first instance, this is done based on the premium, but you also gain insight into the coverage in car insurance and the quality of the insurer.

It is better to compare dozens of insurers with each other than to focus on insurers who suggest that you are there primarily for you. When comparing, you can also choose the car insurance that best suits your insurance needs.

Are you considering car insurance with one of the insurers aimed at women? First, compare the premium with the premium charged by other insurers. You are probably more advantageous with the insurer who does not target one specific target group.


The comparison of car insurance quotes for women has complications because they require knowledge of the various terms used by insurers. A convenient option to obtain the best policies is to request quotes from a couple of competing companies.