Cedric Maxwell: Hayward Plays Key Roll in Celtics Success

After a wild start to NBA free agency Cedric Maxwell voices his opinion on how the Celtics match up against the NBA super teams.


This NBA off season has been one of the wildest in memory. As new super teams form across the NBA West, the east has remained relatively active, yet devoid of the hype buzzing around Los Angels.

Al Horford and Kyrie skipped out of Boston  Kevin Durant is rehabbing in Brooklyn  Jimmy Butler to Miami has been under discussed. The buzz (and developing drama) in LA and Houston are over shadowing team’s like Boston

Celtics’ legend Cedric Maxwell still believes the green match up as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.


“Milwaukee is my number one, Philly would be number two, Celtics are conceivably number three or four.” Cedric Maxwell said on the most recent episode of his podcast.

Max believes that the key to the Celtics success this year will lie heavily on the shoulders of Gordon Hayward.

“The Key is going to be Gordon Hayward and how Gordon Hayward comes back.”

Last year was Hayward’s first year back from an ankle injury that kept him out for an entire season. Both Cedric Maxwell and fans alike are hoping that Hayward can return to his former self.

“If Gordon Hayward comes back and reaches anywhere close to being an all-star, the Celtics are going to be good. The Celtics will be very good.”

Max is even more excited about the most recent all-star to join the Celtics, Kemba Walker.

“Kemba is going to be an all-star almost out the door the way he shoots the ball.”

Even after losing the likes of Al Horford and Kyrie Irving to free agency, Cedric Maxwell believes that the Celtics still appear to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.