Celtics Draft Pick Says Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth ‘Theory’ is Total BS

Grant Williams mother is a NASA engineer and the Celtics rookie isn't buying Kyrie's Flat Earth nonsense.


If you thought Kyrie Irving had a problem with the young guys on the Celtics before then he definitely wasn’t going to get on well with Boston’s 2nd first round draft pick Grant Williams.

William’s who the Celtics selected 22nd overall out of Tennessee is clearly a bright guy. His mother is a NASA engineer. You can see where this is going right?

In an interview with Shams Charnia on the Stadium Network Williams shot down Irving’s flat-earth theory, saying…”Kyrie’s Earth is flat theory is just scientifically not true.”

Williams dad also has an interesting back story. He is a musician and former math teacher who was also a bodyguard to Michale Jackson and Prince among others.

It should be noted that Grant Williams is one of the strongest players in the draft.

Brains from mom. Braun from dad. Not a bad combo.