Celtics Are Going to Be Just Fine; Kyrie Irving Says So

Kyrie Irving thinks no one can beat the Celtics come playoff time regardless of how poorly they play the rest of the regular season.


Everyone out there sweating the Celtics inconsistent play, don’t.

Kyrie Irving says, everything is going to be alright come the Playoffs.


“Because I’m here,” says Irving.

Irving who has described this season with the Celtics as “trying” decided after Saturday’s (newest) season low point – a 126-116 loss to the Bulls – that he’s just not going to sweat the small stuff anymore.


“I don’t get frustrated about this stuff anymore,” Irving told reporters in Chicago. “It’s just part of the regular season. In the playoffs, when we can plan for a team, prepare for a team, I still don’t see anybody beating us in 7 games.”

A pretty baller declaration by Kyrie. Maybe he means it. Maybe he’s just tired of saying the same things after every bad loss about cohesion and sacrifice and leadership.

Not everyone, however has as sunny an outlook as Irving. Marcus Smart for one was legitimately at a loss for words to describe the Celtics miserable meltdown in Chicago.

“Literally no words. I don’t know how to explain it,” Smart lamented. “I can’t even tell you what’s going on. If I could I would. I don’t know, honestly. I really don’t.

“Our toughness, our will to fight, our will to do everything. It’s like we ain’t got the will to do it anymore. I don’t know how you teach effort, will, want to. I don’t think you can. You’ve got to have it. It’s like, when somebody has a problem you try to help him. All everything you’re doing and saying is pointless until they decide that they want to help themselves. So right now until we decide we want to help ourselves, everything is pointless for us. That’s all I’ve got.”

Al Horford agreed, the Celtics need to fix their issues now and not just wait to ‘flip the switch’ come playoff time.

“We can’t think playoffs,” said Al Horford. “I know that we all want to be there and do that, but that’s not here yet.”

You can’t fault Irving for feeling the way he does. He’s been on Cavalier teams that took it easy during the regular season and then annihilated the competition come the postseason.

But LeBron’s not walking through that door. It’s just Kyrie and a bunch of other talented players who just got wiped out by a 15 (now 16) win team last night.

Maybe Kyrie knows something we don’t know. But it would be a lot more reassuring if the Celtics showed us something before the playoffs came around. Just to be safe.


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