Celtics Season Highlights: Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum is a future star in this league. He has shown so much at a young age and he has every skill in the book. Watch his best plays here.


One of the most polished rookies in the league, Jayson Tatum has impressed everybody this season. He’s probably the most polished rookie in the league. He’s a blossoming weapon in all facets of the game. The Celtics could not be happier with Danny Ainge for seeing this in the rook. Tatum is averaging 13.9 points and 5.4 boards on only 10 shots a game. Through these minimal shots, Tatum has still produced highlight after highlight. Here are his best of the season so far.

January 29 vs Denver: The Rookie gets gross on Denver

Handles to finish. Tatum dances all over the Nuggets. That’s no rookie move.

January 29 vs Denver: Dropped

Tatum strikes again. Not a lot to say here besides, eat that Torrey Craig.

February 3rd vs Atlanta: Career High

When you get your career high, you get the highlight. Tatum had multiple slams in the game, and took over a scoring role with Irving injured.

January 5 vs Minnesota: Crammin’ on KAT

Cramming on one of the best players in the league is never a bad thing.

January 31 vs New York: Letting the Rook Iso

That’s just a great move. Quick fake right puts his defender right out of the picture. He gets into the lane with speed and flushes it. Not a great idea to jump with the rook. The Knicks make a smart business position here.

January 6 vs Brooklyn: Clutch throwdown

Giving the Celtics the one point lead, Tatum wasn’t done.

Clutch is something you can’t teach, and Tatum has it.

December 18 vs Indiana: Sabonis gets baptized

That’s just gross. Tatum escapes his defender and just puts it on Sabonis’ head.

November 20 vs Dallas: Back to yamming on people

Shouldn’t have jumped. That didn’t need to happen. Works for me, though.

October 24 vs New York: The Putback of Tatum’s season

New York never saw it coming. Tatum hones in and throws it back down. You can’t be a Celtics fan, watch this and not get sweaty palms.

January 19 vs Philadelphia: Stuffed

That’s an impressive block no matter who you are. Tatum has the instincts on both ends, and he shows that here. The kid is so polished already, and we’ll see plenty more of these.

February 2 vs Toronto: Spin, slam, see ya

Did I mention he’s polished? This man cannot be contained, and he’s learning more moves every day.