How to Choose Professional Writing Services to Write My Essay


Have you ever felt stressed out because you couldn’t answer the question who can write my essay? Chances are, you have, and you’re not alone. In the U.S., college students now report the highest levels of stress than ever before, and most of them say that stress is academic in nature. 

According to a study done by New York University, 55 percent of college students experience academic stress, which translates into a reduced quality of life and worse health outcomes. While coping strategies and peer support can help to relieve some of the symptoms of stress in the short-term, minimizing the destructive consequences of excessive academic stress requires reducing the academic workload.

Of course, no professor would be willing to do that, so many students are looking for help with essays online. There’s a lot of essay writing companies that claim to assist with completing a range of academic assignments, but how to make a choice? It’s no secret that a percentage of essay writing services are fake and want nothing but your money.

Here’s how you can get your essay written well, get a good grade, and lose some of that stress without losing money. 

How to Choose a Writer to Write My Essay

So, you’ve got your laptop and browser open. How do you search for an essay writer? That’s where you superior Google research skills come into play: start looking by using one or multiple keyword combinations:

  • Professional writer service 
  • Hire professional essay writers for the best price
  • Write me my essay online
  • Help writing college papers.

Also, try including your city or university in the search combinations, too. You’ll get a bunch of results, and you’ll need to find out whether they’re reliable. It’s not that hard and long if you know what to do.

And we’re going to do this by looking for signs of a professional writing services.

  1. Non-Stop Customer Support

A lot of students who have the experience of looking for essay writers say that one major sign of a scam or a poor writing service is unprofessional customer support. Here’s a scenario described by many of them:

I visit the site of an essay writing service and write a message to customer support on a live chat. I wait for about 5 minutes and then a person from the company answers me with the following:

“Hi there, what can I help you with? Please give me your topic and we’ll stat working on you order. What’s your topic? Can you send us it right away so we can help? We’re waiting.” 

Right to the point, huh? What this message really says is: “give us your money and we’ll try to do something about your paper.”

The moral of the story is that the answers that the customer support gives you will help you understand whether you should trust them with your paper. If you see grammar mistakes, pushy or “salesy” attitude, or too many questions, look further.

  1. You Should be in Charge of Your Paper

This is the attitude that we’re looking for in professional writing services. By “being in charge of your paper,” we mean:

  • You can select a quality level
  • You can select your writer
  • You can communicate with the essay writer directly as they work on your paper
  • You can request a free revision if something is wrong (this is that “customer satisfaction” guarantee thing that all professional college essay writing services provide).

If a writing service doesn’t meet at least one of these requirements, chances are they’re not worth your attention and probably have a differing view on how custom writing services should work. 

  1. Avoid Bidding-Style Services

“Place your order and you’ll definitely get your paper written for a low price!” 

This is a popular trick of bidding-style writer service to attract more customers. You provide them with the instructions, and writers place bids to complete it. While it may sound good, you’ll see that a lot of them are willing to write your paper for ridiculously low prices, which is a sign of non-native English speakers with limited experience in writing, trying to get at least something. 

As you can imagine, the quality they’ll provide will be nothing you expect. That’s why you should stay away from such companies, as there’s a great chance that they’ll trick you with low prices.

Over to You

Choosing a reliable college essay writing service can be a bit hard, but if you know these tips, the task will be much easier. The last thing a tired and stressed out student needs is more stress from looking for college essay writers, so hopefully these tips will help you to get things done quickly and hassle-free.

Lucy Benton is as essay writer and editor who currently works at  College Papers. Also she has her own writing blog,  you can check Lucy’s fresh review.