How to Choose the Right Wine for Your Upcoming Party


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How to Choose the Right Wine for Your Upcoming Party

As you prepare for your upcoming party, you make sure to plan every little detail about it. You’re all set for the music, venue, and food to serve. Then it suddenly hits you; you don’t know what drinks to serve yet! After a quick brainstorming, you decided to serve wines. After all, it’s presence is customary to almost every party.

When it comes to pairing your party food with wine, everyone has their own rules to follow. There’s the proven and tested “Red goes with red meat. White goes with fish. Sparkling wines go with everything.” However, there are other factors you need to consider too.

With thousands of tips available on the internet, it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed and fall flat in choosing the perfect wine for your party. For you to cut through the noise, here are the rules you must follow.

Find Out Who are the Wine Drinkers in Your Guest

First things first, you need to know how many wine drinkers might show up at the party. Since not everyone drinks wine, expect the attendance of wine drinkers to be fewer than and distinct from the total number of guests.  

You can calculate the number of wine drinkers by using the following ratios.

  • Assume that 50% of all partygoers will choose wine if you’ll also be serving spirits and beer. 
  • Assume that 60% of all partygoers will choose wine if you will only serve beer.

After calculating the total numbers of wine drinkers in attendance, write down the number down.

Use the Average Alcohol Intake Rule to the Total Number of Wine Drinkers

The rule of thumb that’s been applied to parties for years and is still accurate today is two-drinks-per-person-per-hour.

Let’s say each of your guests consumes two alcoholic drinks per hour. You can multiply the total number of wine drinkers in attendance by two to find out the number of glasses of wine you will need to serve every hour each to quench your thirsty guests.

Make sure to allot two drinks per guest, including those who don’t drink alcohol because this rule heavily depends on a mathematical average. 

Ascertain How Long Your Party Will Last

The next thing to consider is how long your party is likely to last. You’ll measure it in hours. Estimate the time interval between the arrival of the first guest and the departure of the final guest.   

If you’re not sure, you have to guess high and round up the number. Over preparing for a small crowd can be frustrating, but it’s worse to be pulled aside in the middle of the party that’s already kicked off into high gear, only to be told in whispers that you’ve run out of wine, so someone needs to make a run to the store right away. Never let this scenario happen. 

Running errands during a party is very unlikely. And, as a host, it will be hard to address the issue personally. It wouldn’t be that easy to drop everything just because your last bottle of wine has been polished.

Most get-togethers wrap up within four hours, so use this number as your basis if you’re stumped on figuring out the number of hours it will take for your party to last. Take note also that social functions held during daytime are likely to conclude earlier than their evening counterparts.

Make a note of the number for your party’s run time and write it along with the number you jot down during step one. 

Estimate How Many Glasses You can Pour Per One Bottle of Wine

A 750 ml bottle of wine typically pours five full glasses, depending on serving size. 

Take heed that nine glasses of wine requires 1.8 bottles of wine to pour. However, bottles aren’t sold in fractions so you will need two full bottles. If extra glasses are left over after calculation, round up to whole bottles.

Use the 60/40 Rule to Split Red and White Wine Quantities

When stocking up for an event, it’s a wise idea to purchase both red and white wines. But if you’re not sure how many bottles to buy, you can use the 60/40 rule.

  • If your party is scheduled to end before 5 o’clock or will be held in hot weather, 40% of your wine should be red, and 60% should be white.
  • For parties that begin in the evening or held at a cooler temperature, go with 60% red and 40% white.

Remember also that purchasing wine in bulk can save you money compared to buying them over retail prices.

Keep it Simple When Choosing a Wine

When you already know how many wines you’ll need to purchase for your party, you don’t have to overthink its list. You don’t have to impress everyone. Your guests will come to your party to have a good time, and not to get mesmerized with impressive wine branding and label. 

Also, not every bottle needs to contain a different type of varietal or labeled differently. It’s okay to purchase and serve multiple bottles with the same brand. If you love a particular Merlot that sells for $8 that you think will win over your guests too, feel free to serve it. You can skip its fancier countertops. 

Be Confident

Your guests will come over to your party because they want to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, and that includes you. So, have fun with them! Don’t burden yourself with the need to be the smartest wine mind in the room or to be a perfect host. Just wink at yourself for bringing everyone together. 

If you follow all of the steps above, you’ve already given your guests the gift of drinking great wine.  

Look after their reactions and offer a different type of wine or assistance if someone makes a sour face. Guests who obviously enjoy the wine you serve will appreciate learning about the bottles you’ve been saving for memorable occasions or hearing about how you chose the wine for the party.


Choosing the right wine for your party that everyone will enjoy can be challenging, more so if you have limited knowledge about wines. But, if you know what to look for and what to consider, doing it will become easy and manageable. Now, throw an enjoyable party, serve your guests with good wine, and get extra as a host. 


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Scarlet Wells is a full-time content writer for various websites. She’s also a certified wine aficionado and likes to indulge in a good old glass of wine whenever her time permits. When not working, Scarlet hops on a different wine tour across the state.