Claude Julien Returns To The Garden

The Bruins made the right decision firing Claude Julien


Claude Julien returns to the TD Garden tonight when his 27th place Montreal Canadiens take on the seventh place in the league Boston Bruins. The only good things Julien did here in Boston was he brought a cup here in 2011. He brought up some young stars and went back to the Cup Final in 2013. Let’s face it and be real it was time for Julien to go last year.

Montreal has a record of 18-21 the Boston Bruins have a record of 24-10. Julien is about to miss the playoffs for the third straight season while the Bruins with Bruce Cassidy are on pace for going back to the playoffs again. This young Bruins team is playing well right now with Cassidy as the head coach. If Julien was still here the Bruins would be where the Canadians are at right now in 27th place in the league.

Lets go back to the Don Sweeney press conference when Julien was fired he said “In moving this group forward with an eye toward the plan that we put in place, I wasn’t ready to commit on a longer-term basis with Claude,I felt there was a level of frustration on our wins and losses, and what he would be subjected to on a nightly basis.” Players were frustrated with him and didn’t want to play for him. Last season the Canadians finished first in the Atlantic Division this year they won’t even make the playoffs.

The Canadians are good enough to make the playoffs. Just like the Bruins were when he was here and they would miss the playoffs. Cassidy brings a better vibe to the locker room and it has shown this season. He plays the young talent and they win. Julien didn’t and they lost.  It’s simple the Julien’s time up was long over due. The right decision was made they’re needed to be a change.