CLNS Fastlane Recap – The Last Stop Before WrestleMania

Welcome to the CLNS Fastlane Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of WWE Fastlane Live fro Columbus, Ohio!


Welcome to the CLNS Fastlane Recap here on the CLNS Media Network! This is your home for the results of WWE Fastlane, including a recap of all the matches and segments throughout the show. Join me as we discuss what these outcomes could mean for the future of the blue brand as this is the last stop before WrestleMania

WWE Fastlane comes to you tonight from Columbus, Ohio!

Match 1: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

Both guys are extremely over with the crowd and have massive pops but this is a match Shinsuke needs to win heading into WrestleMania. This was very slow and technique driven in the beginning of the match, really showing off why both guys are so good. Rusev does a great job of getting heel heat even though he was so over in the beginning. This turned into a very physical match where Rusev really started to beat on Shinsuke and break him down. Rusev hit one of the best matchka kicks I have ever seen and I honestly thought it might have been over but it was only a 2. Shinsuke responded with his usual variety of strike’s and submission’s, ultimately hitting the Kinsasha for the 3.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Match 2: Randy Orton vs. Bobby Roode (c) – United States Championship

As someone who doesn’t like Randy Orton I have to say this was a good match. Not only was the pace solid but they had to perform right after two of the most over guys in the company. They went back and forth throughout the entire match. Multiple false RKO and Glorious DDT’s kept the match fresh. They gave these guys a lot of time to work and it paid off with them being able to tell a story and truly sell. The only thing I truly disagreed with was the finish and Randy going over. Does it help the United States title? Yes, but it hurt Bobby Roode. Hopefully we get a rematch at WrestleMania but I have a feeling that it will be a triple threat. After the match Jinder Mahal attacked Randy but Bobby made the save while seemingly turning heel by hitting Randy with a Glorious DDT.

Winner and New United States Champion: Randy Orton

Match 3: Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Natalya and Carmella

The first throw away match of the night also included by far the worst attire as well. I usually don’t comment on what the wrestlers wear but my god was Becky and Naomi’s attire atrocious. They were truly ugly singlets were distracting enough that I missed a portion of the match. From what I saw however it wasn’t anything special. While they are all good to really good workers, something about the personalities didn’t work. I found the match boring and slightly sloppy but the fact that they got a good amount of time is always a plus for the women’s division. Carmella was the bright spot of this match bringing some much needed ferocity and a solid heel attitude. They completely lost track of their spots near the end of the match and ended the match rather rushed.

Winner’s: Natalya and Carmella

Match 4: The New Day vs. The Uso’s (c) – Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships

A phenomenal Tag Team match with two teams who really have great chemistry. I wish the only thing I had to talk about was how great the matchup was. Unfortunately the Bludgeon Brother’s literally came out and made it a double DQ. The attacked and destroyed everyone. This clearly setup a three way for WrestleMania but it was so poorly done and ruined a match that should have had an ending.

Still Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion’s: The Uso’s by DQ

Match 5: Ruby Riot vs Charlotte Flair (c) – Smackdown Live Women’s Championship

With the poor buildup and the fact that I know the WWE wants to do Asuka vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania to me this was quite boring. I knew no matter what Ruby hit Charlotte with it wouldn’t work. While there were some cool spots the match really didn’t tell a story. It felt as if they were just doing moves to do them. They both have incredible move sets but seem to lack some storytelling ability. Also with 4 extra women being involved in the match it was all a bit too much.

Winner and Still Smackdown Live Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

After the match HERE COMES ASUKA. The winner of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble has made her decision, it will be Asuka vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania.

Main Event: 6 – Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship – Baron Corbin vs.  Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles (c)

The the Fastlane main event starts off with literally 4 AA’s by John Cena to everyone except AJ. This really set the pace for the match and got things off to a hot start. When everyone finally got up they all repaid Cena and the match truly started. This was nothing short of phenomenal (pun intended). So many great athletes and workers in one ring and they did not disappoint. There were false finishes, finishers one after the other and a true sense of desperation. The storytelling was incredible, the execution was pretty much perfect and the seriousness of the wrestlers was incredible. They all truly made me feel like they needed to win this match. This truly felt like it was a big match with everything on the line. In the end AJ finally got what he deserved. To carry the WWE Championship into WrestleMania. WHAT A MATCH!

Winner and Still WWE Champion: AJ Styles

WWE Fastlane Match of the night: 6 – Pack Challenge

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